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Hayden Pearton's Virtual Library


Hayden Pearton's Virtual Library is a space where you can read all of my books for free in a variety of immersive scenes taken straight from the stories. 

From the beach of For the Meek to the Glade of The Chronicles of New Eden, you'll be transported and transfixed. Listen to the waves lapping against the shore or the birdsong in the trees as you experience the tales of You Bugger the Beggar, Sharkbait the North Sentinel Islander and more! 

Each book is rendered in a virtual space and contains an easy to use index system to quickly find your place. Furthermore, each book contains a brand new (and exclusive to this program) author introduction in which I detail a few behind the scenes tidbits and pensive musings. 

The Virtual Library will be updated every time a new book is published so be sure to check back often!

Last Updated: 24/11/2023

Size: 4.6 Gb

The Virtual Library will be updated with every new free book publication. Check back here often for more information.

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