The Divine Duology

Part Two

The Godtongue

Six months after the Godhand nearly destroyed everything, the world is trying to move on. But a terrorist group with access to divine destruction are intent on bringing about the end times.

Witness the struggles of Gary, Nadine and Elaine as they fight to prevent the apocalypse and, more importantly, uncover the secrets of the Godtongue!

Release Date: Second Half of  2021

Taj Mahal

New Standalone Novel:

For the Meek

In the far-flung future, a member of the most remote tribe on Earth leaves his secluded homeland. He finds the ruins of India, a multitude of dangers and a broken robot. He will journey across crumbling cities, flooded villages and reclaimed jungles in search of an answer to the question:

Where did everyone go?

Release Date: Second Half of  2021