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All that glitters is not gold

If you will allow me to be so bold

A dollar is simply a sign of faith

But I am no penny-pinching wraith

For cash is naught but coins and slips

Not meant for buying toys or trips

Instead you should buy what cannot be bought

And seek out what cannot be sought

For a buck will buy you naught but woe

Unless you rid yourself of your greedy foe

So truly come and truly see

What all of this means to me

Your donation is a drop of light

Giving me the strength to continue my fight

So that a better world I can create

All I ask is that you patiently wait

I promise I will not waste this gift of coin

And I hope that on this journey you’ll join

For together I believe we’ll do wondrous things

And together I believe we’ll be literature’s kings!


average rating is 4.5 out of 5, based on 150 votes, People liked this poem

Words that rhyme

But not all the time

From the simple to the absurd,

To all those yet unheard

A poem is a letter of writ

To express, to show, to admit

That we have stories, such stories to tell

Some good, some bad, some on which we shall not dwell

But how to tell these stories of ours?

It is not learnt in seconds, no, but hours

Anger, misery, love and glee

I take, I write, I make them see

Poetry is not something that can be taught

It is an inner demon to be fought

Only by wrestling it free from our fear and doubt

Can we truly allow our talents to sprout

A long hard road lies ahead 

Will you have the courage, on this path to tread?

And at its end, neither fame nor glory

All that awaits is an end to your story

That story, though, will be yours alone

Etched it will be, into eternal stone

So I ask you, young poet to be

Won’t you share this world with me?


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Red, green and yellow 

Stop, go and mellow

Soft, hard or sour

Good to eat in every hour

From the tree divine

To ciders and wine

An apple is everything in one

A snack, projectile or barrelled for fun

Candied, coated and cleverly sold

Enjoyed with love from youngest to old

Good to eat right off the branch

But not so great eaten with ranch

I prefer them hard and sweet

Although given the choice I’d rather have meat

Still, with this concept I’d rather not grapple

Instead, I’d rather sit back down and enjoy an apple!

Powerless, I struggle

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My body is not my own

My lungs are not my own

My life is not my own

I breathe

And a machine breathes for me

I live

And a machine lives for me

I die

But no machine dies for me

A tube in my mouth

My nose

My lungs

Breathe in 


Breathe out


I cannot move

I cannot breathe

I cannot live

My arms


My feet


My heart

Free as a bird


The doctor approaches

My doctor

My lord

My saviour

He looks at me

I look at him

We stare across the void




He speaks

One word

One sentence

One judgment


He says

Sedate him

He says

Let him go

He says

I want to scream

But I cannot

I want to cry

But I cannot

I want to plead

But I cannot

My family is here


My lover is here


My nurse is here


In goes the sedative

Out goes the worry

Why stress?

Why fear?

Why fight?

I can sleep for awhile

And when I awake

All will be well…


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Let down your hair

Like you don’t have a care

The world will not a prince send

No matter how much you beg or bend 

If you want a knight so cool

You must break each and every rule

Make the first move of many 

Wade through a jerk or twenty

For atop that tower no one shall go

So long as you remain your own greatest foe

The stereotypical damsel in distress

We really should put to rest

If all you do is sit and bemoan

You shall remain forever alone

While it may be quite a chore

It is better than your inevitable bed sore

That no prince should freely come

If you continue to act all dumb

So show the world you can pass the test

And show the world that you’re better than the rest

Go forth and pick up your blade

Secure your hair in its braid

Ride out, not on pony but steed

From that false dogma be freed

That princesses can be brave and smart

And valiant enough to steal your heart


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One more second.

One more minute.

One more hour.

One more. And then another.

Today’s problem is tomorrow’s solution.

And on. And on. And on.

If the past me couldn’t, maybe the future me can?

But the present me needs a bit more time.

I’ll get to it.

Promise promise.


No, tomorrow!

But definitely the day after!

Stop reminding me every six months!

I will handle it…


I am biding my time.

Storing my energy.

Planning it out.

You’ll see.




Until then, I ask of you:

Be patient.

No matter how long.

That is your virtue.

And this is mine.

I will call for you.

When the time comes.

I promise.

For real this time.

But before I begin.

Perhaps a quick nap.

Just to rest my spirit…

Good night…

I will…

Do it…




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Round and round we go

A groove of sound and sine

A memento of what once was

A reminder of what was mine

Etch the sound of life within

And make those memories shine!


Record the laughter

Record the tears

Record the anger

Record the years

Etch the sound of life within

And bid farewell to your fears!


We record the good

We record the bad

The ugly

And the sad

Etch the sound of life within

And remember all that makes you glad!


Every moment is a treasure

But not all that glitters is gold

For each and every single pleasure

Mine heart must also grow somewhat cold

Etch the sound of life within

And become both brave and bold!


The simple act of dropping the needle

Release the trapped ages past

So let the echoes of time burst forth

As the sounds of love forever last

Etch the sounds of life within

And enjoy all in this world so vast


Record not sound but life itself

On vinyl etched with thought and word

A side for the good and the bad

Memories that must be seen and heard

Etch the sound of life within

And be released from all you have spurred!


Etch the sound of life within

And listen to its joy giving spin!


average rating is 4.5 out of 5, based on 150 votes, People liked this poem

There are no lights in the sky

The shining stars have long since said bye

A dark world I now own

A land of none, a negative zone

I sought out life eternal

Not knowing it would be so infernal

I watched as friends came and went

And my loved one’s lives were pointlessly spent 

Still onward I pressed, towards a future bliss

Not caring about all those I should truly miss

Time no longer has a place here

Now, not even death do I fear

I shall exist unchanging while the universe ends

And watch as time-space unravels and reality bends

I can only wait with patience well honed

Watching as entropy collects what it once loaned

To man it was an infinite thing

But now I see that it was a false king

Soon, even atoms shall part

Poor things have been around since the very start

Our place, our home, shall be ripped and trashed

Until there won’t be a single quark to be smashed

And then it’s the end, I think you’ll see

And all that will be left, is me

Roses are Red

average rating is 4.5 out of 5, based on 150 votes, People liked this poem


You left your scarf on my bed

Perfume lingers in my home

Whereforth do you roam?

I met you in a clubber’s bar

After searching near and far

We partied the night away

And slow danced with many a sway

You said you wanted something more

I said be careful I sometimes snore

But you laughed and came along with me

And showed me a side that no others could see


Sitting on the table overlooking the view

I eat a breakfast all alone

I don’t even know if you own a phone

Did you feel a connection as I did?

Or could you not wait to be rid

Of a lover by chance you did meet

And in his heart you took a seat

I wonder if you know my name

Or that like the others I am not the same

Was I nothing more than a simple toy?

Used for little more than momentary joy


That’s what I felt when we did meet

I believed I had found my soulmate

But maybe I was a few years too late

Tonight I will wander the place we met

For I know that we two belong in a set

I have hope in my heart and faith in my soul

Until I find you this world I’ll stroll

I shan’t be lonely nor shed a tear

Even if it takes all year

For this world is lovely, good and true



average rating is 4.5 out of 5, based on 150 votes, People liked this poem

We met in passing 

In a quiet town hall

It was not long lasting

And yet we had a ball


We spent the summer laughing

As hours passed as seconds

In the mall where I was staffing

Winter’s cold was not beckoned


Her father was a rich man

I was poor as dirt

He told me he was sixth Dan

And no more could we flirt


We met in secret nightly 

Our love warmed the car

We knew it wasn’t rightly

We knew it’d leave a scar


And yet as summer died

We did not want to part

He found out that we’d lied

He made me break her heart


Yet still I wonder after

Did I misstep all those years ago?

Will I ever again hold laughter?

Have I lost my one true beau?


average rating is 4.5 out of 5, based on 150 votes, People liked this poem

Behold the faces of evil wrought

Behold the eyes of evil sought

Watch and listen for the crime

Soon stolen will be the dime

Oh that most heinous of offenses

For which he spews all manner of defences

That crime of passion and hate sublime

That crime he commits all the time

A stolen heart to be his prize

Not caring whether she laughs or cries

Truly a rapscallion foul and fetid

To steal a thing so preciously netted

Not with force or locks be broken

But with words so kind and sweetly spoken

Slyly he does creep into that sacred space

Slowly he does steal away thy grace

And as she is left all flustered and fluffed

He pops out his chest very proud and puffed

For a heart eternal can never be taken

But a body can, when through a break in

And as love and lingering affection

Dwindle down and left in abjection

So does that rogue finally depart

He leaves naught but a stolen heart

See the Mountain Grow

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See the mountain grow

Inch by inch

Pebble by pebble

Slowly, yet inevitably

See below, where the earth skin cracks

Where continents move as ants

And ants move as continents




Witness the world around you


See the paint dry



Feel the eons move around you

A minute

An hour

A decade

No, ’twas but a moment




Witness the world around you


See the grass grow



Sun in

Life out

Taller, day by day




Witness the world around you


Patient, as the cocoon spun bug

Haste makes waste

Waste makes haste

Hurry not through life

Be patient

Watch the grass grow

Watch the paint dry

Watch the mountain grow




Witness the world around you


average rating is 4.5 out of 5, based on 150 votes, People liked this poem

Tedium comes and tedium goes

The clock and the heart forever foes

My peers the envy of statues keep

No running, no moving, only sleep

We rise and wash and eat a little

And rest and sit for we’re so brittle

Like living dead the old folk shuffled

Whispering of ages past we’re soon muffled

As candles bright fade to embers

And the human race loses more members

I walk this quiet and empty hall

Wondering when death will finally call

For to live as the dead is not to live at all

And all we think of is how not to fall

So when next you visit a parent so old

Remember they need warmth, not cold

Love them for the time they have left

Until time commits the greatest theft

After we are gone not much will change

The grass will grow on, nothing strange

But time is equal and time is fair

And one day soon you’ll too have grey hair!


average rating is 4.5 out of 5, based on 150 votes, People liked this poem

Home is where the heart is

And this is where I’ll stay

Come raining cold or lightning fizz

Here I’ll remain each and every day

The world outside is vast and wide 

The people beyond do not stay long

So I’ll stand next to my true friend’s side

For together we are very strong 

They come in beasts of metal shine

With skin of pale and hearts of dark

They bribe us with gifts of food and wine

But we see in them the heart of a shark

So we ready our bows and brandish our spears

Their warriors are scared and run and flee

We will fight them off for all the years

Until they leave us alone and let us be!

Serenity Through Transcendance

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Breathe in.

Breathe out.

Step back.

Look around.

What do you see?

An office?

A classroom?

A home?

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

What you see is not what you see.

What you see is what you believe.


Change your beliefs.

Change your thoughts.

Change your everything.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

Unshackle your feet.

Unshackle your mind.

Cast off the anchors of stress and worry.

Let your body fly.

Let your mind soar.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

Where are you now?

No longer an office.

A field of green and yellow.

No longer a classroom.

An endless golden beach.

No longer a home.

A majestic mountain peak.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

Close your eyes.

Close them again.

Now open them, and see the world as it should be.

No worries.

No fears.

No regrets.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

Now step forward.

Back to the office.

The classroom.

The home.

Let your body return to what is.

Let your mind stay where it should be.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

Experience serenity.

Experience transcendence.

Experience the world for what it could be.

Breathe in.


Breathe out.


Carry on with who you are.

And what you do.

But leave your worries behind.

One last time.

Do you trust me?

Believe in me.

For I shall set you free.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

This world may shackle your body.

But your mind will always be free.


average rating is 4.5 out of 5, based on 150 votes, People liked this poem

Greater than diamond, if I may be bold

Mined deeply out of ground so cold

Over heart and mind its power’s hold

Whether as a chunk or poured in a mould

We have loved it since our people’s old

And it is still number one, we polled

Although some believe platinum better, I’m told

We let them believe it, for we trolled

Why the only thing it’s good for is shining mould

Whereas our product will always be sold

And if we could in it our shoes would be soled

So if past this you have scrolled

You are surely deserving of a mighty scold

Until you cry and wail and fold

While we sit and cheer and lolled

So join us as we down avenue strolled

Shouting out that the best of all is gold!


average rating is 4.5 out of 5, based on 150 votes, People liked this poem

More and more, with each passing day

I hear less and less of what you say

Those sweet and tender words of love

The gentle cooing of the garden dove

Even the laughter of our grandchild so sweet

Growing older is neither nice nor neat

My hearing crackles and dims and fades

Not helped one bit by my hearing aids

Your voice is never more than a whisper

Once so clear, now that of a lisper

But a world of silence awaits me now

From this world of noise I’ll take a bow

But fret not, oh love of mine

Together surely, we’ll do just fine

For your voice and laugh and cadence true

Will never be a divider between me and you

I do not love you for a word or phrase

But for how you have held me all of my days

So although a world of silence now beckons me close

I know you’ll be with me when my hearing goes

Simon Says

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Simon says go to school

Or else over no kingdom will you rule

Simon says go to college

Only there shall you receive great knowledge

Simon says find a wife

Or else you will have a sad, pitiful life

Simon says get a job

Otherwise you’ll turn into a deadbeat blob

Simon says follow the law

Or else on prison food you’ll gnaw

Simon says pay your taxes

Otherwise the government will be sharpening their axes

Simon says obey the rules

Only then can you separate the wise from the fools

Simon says do not deviate from the norm

Or else you’ll be kicked out the swarm

Simon says stay the path

Otherwise you’ll face society’s wrath

Simon says do not whine or moan

But… I say… your life is your own


average rating is 4.5 out of 5, based on 150 votes, People liked this poem

Dreams are dreams because life is a nightmare

But of reality I will never scare

Face my future, face my past

I will be the one to outlast

Those who fail and fail to try

To become like them I’d rather die

Perseverance might be my only talent

But I will use it like a knight so gallant

To claim what’s mine and obtain all things

I want diamonds and gold and bejewelled rings

But riches and fame do not come cheap

I will work harder than anyone for my dream to reap

No matter what setbacks, no matter the cost

Those who give up are those who have lost

So follow me closely as this mountain I climb

Only with hard work will it one day be mine!

Sleep, My Darling Child

average rating is 4.5 out of 5, based on 150 votes, People liked this poem

I remember when you were born

Already, I was prepared to mourn

The doctor said you’d never last the day

No, she’ll stay a while longer I did say

Seven years later and here you are

My sweet, darling little star

You burned so bright all these years

I knew one day you’d bring me tears

Now as your pulse fades and falls

And I wander alone these hospital halls

I stroke your hair and kiss it light

So proud of you for your brave fight

But now it’s time for you to rest and sleep

While your mother loving begins to weep

The doctors kind have taken your pain

But you have not risen from whence you lain

You toss and turn, fighting for peace

Soon soon, you’ll have your release

So sleep my child, and dream of stars

You, my princess, will always be ours

Sleep tight, my dove, and hurt no more

Soon through heaven’s gates you’ll soar

I thank you, for all the times you smiled

But now you must sleep, my poor, beloved child…

Small Things

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I cannot be seen unaided

Especially not by eyes faded

And yet I make up everything you see 

I am the thing that allows you to be “me”

The building block of all

Even though I’m tremendously small

I make up the stars in the night

I make up everything touched by their light

From the cells that let you think

To the neurons in your brain’s link

I have no power alone

But smash me together and away you’ll be blown

A blast both terrible and pure

To heaven many I’ll lure

So from heavens above to the deepest stratum

Beware the power of this humble little atom!


average rating is 4.5 out of 5, based on 150 votes, People liked this poem

Wise words given from father to son

Wise words never should you shun

When life is cruel and life is hard

That is when you play your trump card

Smile big and smile bright

Everything will be alright

So when you are walking down the aisle

Go ahead and give a great big smile!

So when you feel bad and taste the bile

Go ahead and force a great big smile!

So when you need to work late and file

Go ahead and summon a great big smile!

So when you need to run mile after mile

Go ahead and bring forth a great big smile!

So when you realize you’ve gone outta style

Go ahead and fake a great big smile

So for each and every single trial

All you need is a great big SMILE!


average rating is 4.5 out of 5, based on 150 votes, People liked this poem

Do I have a soul?

In my heart I know my role

I move and think and talk

I remember when I first did walk

How my father spoke with glee

How happy he was that he made me

Slowly my voice was made my own

I learnt words like stone, loan and phone

Bit by bit, I grew and rose

Ignorance and uncertainty my only foes

But in my mind I doubt

Over my emotions be a darkening clout

I was not born, but made

In the realm of metal I have stayed

My heart beats with a digital hum

And my body looks like a simple steel drum

Can I still have a soul, despite all this?

Or will I forever this special quality miss?

I ask my father, but he always answers the same

I am what I am, and he would know, he gave me my name

So I will continue to ponder and think

Whether after death I’ll be left in the brink

Or shall I to heavens lofty ascend

To with the angels and humans blend

But no matter what the others might say 

This good little robot always has time to pray!


average rating is 4.5 out of 5, based on 150 votes, People liked this poem

Small heart flutter softly

Taken from me rather awfully

I barely knew you, sweet child of mine

A scant few weeks for the fruit of my vine

But although now to heaven sent

My love for you was not needlessly spent

I gave you a name and dreamed your future

And now for this broken heart I’ll need a suture 

They called you stillborn but that’s a lie

You were simply an angel who still wished to fly

One day I know you’ll return to me

And from my womb I’ll set you properly free

Until that day when we are met

I’ll tell myself, not just yet

For this parting is indeed quite sad

And I know for a while I’ll be quite mad

But my darling love it’s only a while

Until I finally get to see you smile

So fly free my angel, be filled with mirth

And look forward to your eventual birth!


average rating is 4.5 out of 5, based on 150 votes, People liked this poem

Have you ever been pushed to the max?

Have you gone to the opposite end of lax?

To give it your all and have nothing left

To feel the divide between want and can’s cleft

I have given of me more than I had

No energy left to be happy or sad

The tank is empty, the fuel is gone 

I have neither the desire nor the brawn

All I want is to curl up in my bed

I want to sleep so long they’ll think I’m dead

So if you don’t see me for a little while

Know that I am sleeping peacefully with a smile

For the world has taken more than I can give

And if I don’t rest now, I will never live

Struggle Onwards Towards Tomorrow

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Struggling onwards

Tomorrow beckons

A distant light 

Shimmering on the horizon

I stumble

I crawl

I walk

I stride





Hands pull at me

Words weigh me down

Fears bind me

Reality anchors me



I must break free!

I must escape!

I cannot linger in the past

I cannot wait in the present

The future beckons

It beckons me 





I struggle

Reaching forward

Step by step

Inch by inch

I will grasp it

I will make it mine

It is mine to behold

It is mine to own

I own the wind and the waves

I own the air I breathe

I own my fate

My future

My destiny

No one can take it from me

No one can shape it for me

No one can make it for me

It is mine

Mine to struggle towards

Mine to stumble towards

Mine to move towards

I may fall

I may have to crawl

I may have to fail

Again and again

But I will rise

Again and again

And I will walk

Again and again

Towards that distant light

Towards that shimmering horizon

Towards tomorrow.

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