Science Fiction

The Everspark

Please note, you are free to use these story ideas however you so desire. You can take them in their entirety and build on them, use them as sources of inspiration or even cannibalize them for spare story parts.

If you do this, all I ask is that you mention it somewhere on your blog, social media or in your book.

The Outsiders

The Daedalus Prophecy

The World Engineer

The Hole in the World

Dark Days


The Million Mile Race

Blood from Steel

The Time Traveling Custodian

The Electric Knight


Fire from Heaven

The Forever War

The Solar Atom

The Cost of a Life

Ghosts Among Us

The Garden

What Was Lost

It Fell From Space!

If You Believe


The Tidewatcher

The Stormrider

The Thin Red Line

Life After

Who We Were

The Last Fleshborn


How to Live at the End of Time

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

The Space Whale's Song

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