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Nails are meant to be bitten

Texts are meant to be written

Who can say what happens to our gum

Surely it’s not trapped in there like a steel drum

And so what if I drink from the carton

Should I get a glass like a barbaric Spartan?

At least I don’t grind my teeth

Nor do I remove my zits from their oily sheath

Sure I might occasionally leave the toilet seat up

And I have a bad habit of always saying sup

But isn’t that what life’s all about

Knowing that everyone has a bit of behavioural grout?

For what are habits but the flavour of life

And what is life without a touch of strife

Whether you try and fix and mend

Or let your habits drive others round the bend

They are yours for better or worse

And only you decide if they’re a pleasure or curse!

Hadoken of Love

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It is true, it is known

You cannot complete this quest alone

Four warriors of light 

On a quest to set things right

With love and honour and friendship true

And if you believe all that I’ve got news for you

For never before have a group so vile

Been the cause of such hatred, death and bile

From an Onion Kid orphaned far too often

To a glass cannon that needs to soften

They have raised the dead and razed the earth

They even burnt down the dwarven hearth

All in search of orbs of power

Until before Sarda they did cower

With vengeance an eternity in waiting

He tried to outdo their inter-team hating

But the nexus of evil and gore

Wielding the darkest of magical lore

Sarda into an hellish dimension did shove

Using the super powered hadoken of love!


Heart to Heart

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For four and twenty years my beat was strong

But now everything has simply gone wrong

I am a heart, it’s all I’ll ever be

My job: to follow the brain’s decree

But now no orders from above I hear

So not much is going on inside the ear

I have not thumped nor moved too quick

Ever since my master became very sick

Strange, I feel myself growing still

Is the sickness going for the kill?

Light pours into my entombed lair

Who dares enter without a single care

Long white fingers descend and grab

And with a scalpel they cut and stab

They lift me from my bony home

Up and through that skin stretched dome

This means death for he below

But long since his mind did slow

Gently taken and gently kept

From body to body I have leapt

Hands of care and hands of life

Deftly wielding the sharpest knife

Into a body new I’m placed

No time to lose, I work with haste

I beat and pump and push the blood

Helping and healing my brand new bud

He and I a lifetime will keep

While my old host holds the eternal sleep

My job is not done, my orders renewed 

With death anew I renew my feud

I, this second chance will not waste

For in this body strong I’ve found myself based

And to this person every joy I shall grant

So I thank you doc for this body transplant!


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Love is like a car, simple and sweet

It carries us instead of our feet

Over hill and mountain it keeps us grounded

Over heartbreak and sorrow it keeps us bounded

Whether we drive a quick and speedy lambo

Barrelling through relationships like Rambo 

Or a slow and tender van

Waiting for just the right man

Our cars will keep us safe and keep us true

Until we are delivered unto our beau

And sure it might not be an easy ride

Without GPS or map to guide

And our engine might suffer a ding or two

They are worth it if we are to be with you

So we’ll fill up with plenty of love

And slip on our racing glove

Towards the finish line we race

At its end we’ll see your face

Because beyond there is a most marvellous view

And the car of love has room for two!

Heavy Metal

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They say that platinum is heavier than gold

And that it fetches more when sold

But that does not take the weight from my head

I wear it proud from morning till bed

I am a king, earnest and strong

I can never be weak nor found to be wrong

Upon your brow you might bear a worry or two

For me, a thousand fears is still too few

I bear the weight of all their souls

I must know their secrets and their goals

This is not a job for the faint of heart

Balancing growth and expense is my art

I am a king, this much is right

The crown should ever be heavy, never light

But to bear this weight is my royal duty

And I shall watch over this land full of beauty

So each and every morning I banish my frown

As I pick up and place my royal crown!


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Fire burns black as coal

Black souls march to the eternal beat





Hell awaits those who sin

Sinners wait in hell below

Do they wait for you?



Murderer of men?

Fire pits scorch the sky

Screams provide a verbal abuse

Repent, repent, repent some more

It still won’t be enough

Do you believe in hell?

Doesn’t matter

Because hell believes in you

It waits, waiting with baited breath

It waits, for your untimely death.


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The end is nigh

Time to say bye

Only I have been forewarned

So listen up, or you’ll be mourned

I have heard the coming of the storm

Very soon chaos will be the norm

So hide your children, hide your wife

And start praying for your very life

Build your bunkers and seal them tight

Otherwise you’ll be wrong and I’ll be right

You’ve seen the signs and yet you’ve ignored

Through my warnings you’ve jeered or snored 

So when Armageddon comes and it’s coming soon

You’ll lament not listening to this poorly “loon”

One more chance I’ll give your souls

Repent now, or be eaten by the moles

So listen up, you pitiful sheeple!

Beware, the coming of the mole-people!


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We the people are a very strange lot

We are drawn to the strangest things right out the cot

From collecting sticky envelope decor

To searching for metal treasure by the seashore 

There are those who think bird watching’s fun

And those who would rather go for a park run

What draws us to these activities varied

From birth to death many are carried

A simple joy for a simple folk

Whether they are super cheap or make us broke

We will still build our railways small

And for coins we’ll still collect them all

For a hobby is not a thing to be tossed

Nor does it mean another mind’s been lost

We all have something that gives us joy

Whether that be the re-painting of a humanoid toy

Or the peaceful act of knitting a sock

Or even the climbing of a vertical rock

Hobbies are as hobbies be

So I say that my hobby is a big part of me!


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What is a home?

Is it naught but a concrete dome?

A home is four walls but one floor

Throw in a couple of windows and maybe a door

But still that a home will not make

For a home is what you did forsake

When you declared that you loved me no more

And you left our children’s hearts so sore

A home we had filled with joy

But you broke it like an unfavored toy

You grew bored of me, of us

And gave into your treacherous lust

When you had your affair

Did you even stop to care?

That your lies and sins so bad

Would make naught but your family sad

How could you bring a stranger to our marital bed?

And kiss him by the table where our kids you fed!

So I say that it is not a home in which we live

But a mere house is what you did give

Fear not, for all will one day be well

Once this house we can finally sell

And in a new place we’ll make a home so sweet

And perhaps a better lover I’ll finally meet!


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Two eyes to see the stars

If I squint I can even see Mars

Two ears to hear the good word

Even though lately it’s been spurred

Two hands to clutch the handles

Guess I can throw away half my sandals 

One leg to bear my withered frame

I still can’t believe that car did maim

Why did I drive that night?

Why did I not keep the road in sight?

But now I am a cripple see

But I refuse to let this define me

I will not lie in this pity bed for all time

An unwillingness to try will not be my crime

It will be hard and painful to boot

But I have my family for me to root

Months of therapy lie in store

Now I begin this personal war

For misfortune will not keep me down

I will face each day with a smile, not a frown

And I don’t care if to the floor I occasionally drop

I will walk again, even if I have to hop!


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00:00 dreaming, dreaming of you

01:00 dreaming, a love so divine

02:00 dreaming, can this love last?

03:00 nightmare, my love wavers…

04:00 nightmare, I betray you

05:00 awaken, misery awaits

06:00 shower, wash away my guilt

07:00 eat, force back the bile

08:00 work, surrounded by idiots

09:00 work, boredom awaits

10:00 break, exhale vapour 

11:00 work, the boss is ranting

12:00 lunch, inedible slop

13:00 work, when will this end

14:00 work, another mistake

15:00 work, the future is bleak

16:00 work, let me be free

17:00 drive, so easy to end it

18:00 home, no courage today

19:00 tv, laugh away the tears

20:00 tv, cry away the laughter

21:00 fatigue, let me not wake tomorrow

22:00 fatigue, another day of this?


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My mouth salivates at the thought

On this day vengeance be wrought

For weeks I have stalked my prey

Waiting patiently for this very day

I have followed the tracks and heeded the sign

And very soon your flesh will be mine

I ready my blade, polished and sharp

It has brought me plenty of kale and carp

And now upon flesh so tender

I will let my blade a deathly render

You cannot run, you cannot hide

I am already at your side

Quick like fire I drive my blade true

Know that on this day your life I slew

Through the lifestem my blade cuts quick

How I have waited for this meal to pick

The time was ripe, your meat so sweet

Killing you was truly a mighty feat

To the gods whose bounty they grant

I thank you humbly for this eggplant!


average rating is 4.5 out of 5, based on 150 votes, People liked this poem

Listen to the sound of my voice

Very soon you won’t have a choice

Watch the pendulum go to and fro

Feel the sleepiness come and go

Listen to the tone I keep

Let your mind fall asleep

You don’t have to worry, don’t even fear

Simply open up your mind and let me steer

Perhaps I shall make you a feathery fowl

But maybe you’d prefer a hooting owl

Or I could help with your cigarette addiction

And remove any and all marital friction

Maybe you have an ache or two

Or want to be a better you

All this and more lies within my reach

Once your innermost sanctum I breach

I will twist and tangle your thoughts and deeds

Into your mental soil I’ll plant the seeds

For hilarity or health or just good fun

Only when I snap my fingers will we be done!

I am Here!

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I remember when you used to hold me

When you used to touch me

When you used to love me

I remember when he gave me to you

You were beyond happy

Beyond excited

Beyond emotions

You loved me

You cared for me

You were my home and my rock

You would take me for walks daily

You would run alongside me

My tiny legs struggling to keep up

But now I am a bother

A nuisance

A pet

No more do we walk

No more do we run

No more, no more

I am no longer cute, you said

I am no longer small, you said

I am no longer fun, you said

And yet you never asked me

What I wanted

What I needed

You tore me from my mother

You took me from my home

I never asked for this

I never wanted this

I only wanted a slice of your love

A sliver of your home

A piece of your heart

But even that is too much for you

So now I sit

Growing older

So now I stay

Growing weaker

So now I lie

Growing lighter

All I ask

All I plead

All I want

Is that you look at me

Is that you smile at me

Is that you wave at me

I will not ask for more

I will not hope for more

I will not dream for more

One last time

Call me to you

Before I am gone

Show that you understand

Show that you know

Show that you care

For I Am Here…

Until I Am Here No More…

I Beg Your Pardon

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They say that it is up to God to forgive

But I say that he does not deserve to live

He stole from me something dear

Something I had kept oh so very near

He fell to his feet and begged and pleaded

But those were not the words I needed

Nothing less than a sacrificial death

With him still prostrating with his last breath

For what he took cannot in money be measured

It was something that I very much treasured

He took from me and that’s the truth 

What he did was rather uncouth

He crept through the house before morning’s light

Despite knowing that his deed would lead to a fight

With no care nor thought as to how I would feel

He reached up slowly and broke the seal

In that darkness he found the prize

Knowing full well it’d lead to his demise

I don’t care what his reasons were 

To me he is no more than a villainous cur

So in him my faith is forever lost

He should have known his action’s cost

And I no longer think that he’s too nice

Not after that bastard ate the last pizza slice!

I Fear

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I fear.

I tremble.

I cower at the sight.

I fear what lurks below.

I fear what hides above.

I fear what lies in the darkness.

I fear what stalks in the light. 

I fear.

I tremble.

I cower at the sight.

I fear what I see.

I fear what I don’t.

I fear what I hear.

I fear what I won’t.

I fear.

I tremble.

I cower at the sight.

I fear what others might think.

I fear what comes in the night.

I fear what tomorrow will bring.

I fear what I have yet to face.

I fear.

I tremble.

I cower at the sight.

But most of all, what I fear is my cowardly, cowardly heart.

I Remember the Sun

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(This was the first poem I ever wrote!)

I live in darkness, and yet I remember the light.

For four and forty years, the darkness has been my home. These walls of stone, this floor of dirt, they are all I have ever known

And yet, I Remember The Sun.

The horrors which chased me here, into this pit of the earth.  The troubles which forced me here, and blocked my way back

The pain which kept me here, as I grew to know the dark. All these things I have forgotten, And yet, I Remember The Sun.

As I hunt for the small squeaks which sustain me, I think of the Sun’s light.

Radiance unmatched. A gentle glow which lights the land. Rays of white and gold, illuminating the heavens.

I Remember The Sun.

No more. No more. No more shall I dwell in the dark.

I Remember The Sun, and soon I will see it.

I leave this place, this tomb of dreams, this cell of night. I crawl upwards, squeezing through the broken earth.

Higher. Higher. Higher still.

I climb. I clamber. I clasp the earth and push it down.

I rise. I ascend. I soar towards the heavens.

I Remember The Sun.

That orb of light awaits. Out-shining all the others. 

The mother light.

The Sun.

I Remember You.

Closer now. Closer still. Closer than before.

The darkness recedes. The gloom fades. The day looms.

I Remember The Sun.

I have forgotten my face. I have forgotten my name. I have forgotten everything, and yet…

I Remember The Sun.

The surface. The sky. The air.

I stand above the darkness, and welcome the light.

I Remember The Sun.

I look out and see a sea of shimmering lights. Lesser Suns. They are not what I seek.

I Remember The Sun.

There. There. There.

There it is.

It hangs, so proudly in the heavens.

The Great Crescent…

The Sun.

I Would Walk the Stars For You

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There is no distance too great

Nothing that could turn this love into hate

I would walk the stars for you

A million miles is still too few

For between our hearts a space so small

Why it barely exists at all

Simpler then, to say we’re one

So between us the distance should be none

But why then, are we so far apart?

Why can we not simply be heart to heart?

We meet for but a single day

And then the spaceship comes to take you away

I send you a letter every single morn

To let you know how my heart is torn

And then I sit and wait

Until you draw nearer by fate

Pining for my lover amongst the stars

Oh why couldn’t you be closer, like Mars?

But know this, my lover far

I will always find you, no matter where you are…

I, Myself

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They call my name

They know my fame

I am the one above all

Above them I tower tall

Self-confidence: check

Shame: not a speck

I am the greatest you see

I am the greatest according to me

For no other opinion means squat 

And to me I’m in the centre spot

Why do you worry about what others think?

When they are in your view for less than a blink 

The pedestal upon which I stand

The podium which makes me feel grand

Was built with mine own hands

No help I received from across these lands

I believe in myself, isn’t that swell

So I’ll keep cheering, even when all isn’t well

A cheerleader who will never fail

A supporter who will never bail

So before you look around for a follower or two

Remember that the first person to follow should always be you.

If Only

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On days when the sea is dark and grey

And the wind whips up the swells and spray

Only fishermen on the rocks are brave enough

To face the elements which make beachcombing tough

The Bay is filled with every kind of fishing boat

They shelter there to remain afloat

And when the ocean shimmers in the sun

Crowds go down to the beach to have some fun

I watch them playing bat and ball

And I know their names one and all

If only I could join them as they run and shout

Playing rugby or throwing the ball about

From afar I see parents sheltering their brollies

Their kids tucking into melting ice-lollies

If only I could again feel the sand between my toes 

Maybe a miracle will happen – who knows

If only I had not made out to be so brave

And tried to surf that monster wave

Fellow surfers carried me to the beach

Which now is so far out of reach

And now I am confined to solid land

My wheelchair doesn’t travel well on sand

If only.

Infinitatum Demonstratum

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Stumbling incessantly, crawling infinitely, falling eternally

Aeons pass in multitudes, time is a game to be played, victory is inconceivable 

Life, death, life, death, life, death

Eternity waits for none, infinity waits for all

Stumble, struggle, surrender, succeed

Time knows not the vices of man

Weep for man, for his sins are many, and his virtues few

The void begets us, we beget the void

Thoughts have seconds, ideals have months, men have years, stars have aeons

But even time must die, and then, the true infinity can begin

Stumbling incessantly, crawling infinitely, falling eternally

Do not weep for the passing of time

It will not weep for you

Into Darkness

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I no longer smile as I once did

I don’t remember the joy I felt as a kid

Now, adulthood has taken my smile

And it seems that to death there’s only a mile

Everything is drab and dreary

Of this life I’m already weary

Why do we try so hard to be liked?

When through the chest life will leave us spiked?

Why must we all be happy?

If you ask me it’s all rather sappy

Can I not simply in misery exist?

Knowing that I can end it with a slit wrist

But my family says to simply cheer up

And my friends say I need a darling pup

Not knowing that the darkness has me tight

And that it has been so long since I’ve known the light

This is not a simple sadness I’ve contracted

Nor is this a dark phase I’ve enacted

My pain is real and yours is too

I’m not simply feeling “a little blue”

I lie in deep darkness and that’s okay

Sometimes the most expressive colour is grey

I know that this is neither healthy nor good

But I ask that you treat this with more than food

I need understanding and time more than pity you see

And know that in time, I’ll return to being me…

Isn't She Lovely

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I met you in the summer fair

It felt as though I was dancing on air

Your gaze, your lips, your smile did catch

My captive eyes knew I’d found my match

Slowly we did grow and spin

I met your family, you met my kin

We laughed and cried and fell in love

I was your knight, you were my dove

Many summers later I finally knelt

I gave you that ring and said how I felt

To my joy you accepted my ring

You’ll be my queen and I your king

One year later and it was time to wed

You held my hand and I Do was said

Will you ever know how happy you’ve made

This man for whom you would never trade

My love for you is not time bound held

I will never leave no matter how much you’ve yelled

So, my angel darling, pure and sweet

I am so very glad that we did meet

I promise to always love and hold

From this moment now until we’re old!


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Do you think you belong?

Do you think we all sing the same song?

I am me and you are you

We are both unique singles, not a joining two

The world says, however, that we are all the same

Funny, I don’t remember giving you my name

Do we only accept those we like?

And if you are weird must you take a hike?

Since when did we all form part of a greater puzzle

Speak out now and you’ll receive a muzzle

I am unique, same as them

What matters most is not where you’re from

Try and cut me into a fitting shape

I will not yield, I will escape

Maybe we are not all meant to click

Maybe we are not a simple building brick

Of some great wall to which we conform

And to whose inclusion is thought the norm

But I say no, and I’ll say it loud!

So I’ll stay me, and I’ll be prouder than proud!


average rating is 4.5 out of 5, based on 150 votes, People liked this poem

I have planned and plotted

With your blood I am besotted 

I long to carve and cut

I want to leave this no-kill rut

Your flesh shall be upon mine blade

Your house at midnight I plan to raid

Silently I’ll creep and skulk about

You must think me the worst kind of lout

But I have a hobby and a dream

That is, to rip you from seam to seam

So if this night you are to heaven sent

You should know to me how much it meant

That I was able to kill such a fine able-bodied fellow

I just hope I get you before you bellow

For this night is for just us two

That’s right; it’s a death match for me and you

So grab your weapon and hold it tight

Only one shall be breathing after tonight!


average rating is 4.5 out of 5, based on 150 votes, People liked this poem

We met one early summer’s morn

The radiant sun had yet to be born

I was traveling across the country wide

Simply put, to get to the other side

No job nor family nor lover true

Just me and the open road’s sweet view

I was all alone till your lights found me

Racing in the darkness I’ve never felt so free

Side by side we drove for miles

Surely we both bore matching smiles

I know not your face, your love, your laugh

The things I know of you are not even half

Do you dream of writing a song or rhyme?

Are you sitting in an office for all your time?

Do you have a partner to whom you are racing home?

Are you wild and free and love to roam?

I know not this nor that nor the other

I don’t even know if you still have your mother

You are simply a companion silent 

Are you a calm man or rather violent?

We two beings of slight accord

You in a Prius, me in a Ford

But now a green sign in the night appears

And to our tangential relationship I say cheers

I flick my indicator and prepare to leave

Knowing that I must undo fate’s tight weave

Will you miss me I wonder, as you speed on by?

You don’t even know my name, nor have you caught my eye

But I thank you nonetheless, my spiritual kin

And know that I will miss you, my temporary twin…

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