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L'appel du Vide

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My freedom lies below

My future above

I gaze into the abyss

This content of wills I cannot win

My legs tremble at the thought

My heart aches at the deed

My mind screams at the fall

One small step

And then a very long one

It would last the rest of my life

But only for a moment

In my mind I am already falling

Do I truly desire death so

Or merely the possibility?

Am I a sadist for the obscene

Or a realist for the escape

No more job

No more family

No more anything

No more… me

A fair trade?

I think not

So no

Away I step

From the edge

From the abyss

From the end


Towards land

Towards safety

Towards life

On this day the void beckoned

The abyss called

Death whispered

And I said



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Why do we cry?

When a loved one did die?

Why do we cry?

When a partner we bid bye?

Why do we cry?

When a friend did lie?

We cry about the good and bad

We cry whether we’re happy or sad

We cry when we receive a diamond ring 

We cry about every little thing

What do our tears even mean?

What is happening in the mind unseen?

Where do our tears go, after they drop?

Where do they come from and where do they stop?

Was it tragedy’s turn or comedy’s call? 

Was it even worth crying over at all?

Who are these tears meant to aid?

Who are the ones who bid them made?

Will I ponder these questions the rest of my years?

Will I ever discover the reason for tears?

Lemonade Stand

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I remember back when I was ten

To my name I had not a dollar, franc or yen

My father was a strict man

Of pocket money he wasn’t a fan

He said, “make it on your own”

For that, I’ll give a small loan

So I went and bought wood, lemons and glue

I didn’t know if I got too many or too few

My first batch was far too sweet

The expectations of my customers I did not meet

I mixed and poured and tried again 

Until I found the recipe ye ken

Eventually I found a mix of sweet and tasty

I had not rushed, nor was I hasty

I worked all summer and winter too

I would stand for hours, forgoing the loo

I made myself a couple of bucks

And discovered that poverty sucks

Since then I have worked harder than ever 

My business motto is never say never

And now that I possess a company grand

I must give thanks to that humble lemonade stand!


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I am bound


Chained to this place

The lock which ensnares me cannot be broken

The rope which hangs me cannot be cut

The chain which constricts me cannot be shorn

I was a free man, once

Stupidly so

I will be a free man, again

Rightfully so

Confined no more

Bound no more

Sore sore sore

I will be free

I will be liberated

I will be exonerated

For how long have I laboured

For how long have I wept

For how long have I served

No more!


Free, free as free as can be

That is what I want for me

No more walls

No more duties

No more job

No more wife

No more!


The wild beckons me

Nature calls me

Freedom summons me

I will cast off this life

This human skin

I will roam free

As I once did

No words

No worries

No worldly things

Just me

And the great wild 

A human child

Once more

Life Unyielding

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Give thanks to life unyielding

Give thanks to lives unliving

Give thanks to angels sleeping

Give thanks to mother’s shielding


Life comes

Life goes

Life flourishes

Life grows


Carry on ye tiny seed

Till thy day of tortuous birth

For that day that you first shall breathe

For that day when you shall lead


A life of downs

A life of ups

A life of laughter

A life of frowns


Glory be to the mother

For she holds you close

Glory be to the father

For he will love you like no other


An ode we sing to life yet started

A medley to herald the coming child

A harmony of life and love

Given freely from those loving-hearted


So let us wait for the miracle born

A life unknown, a life unlived

A life unyielding to misery or fear

So let us wait for the coming morn


Come now, tiny heart we’ve kept

Patiently waiting for all this time

Patiently as we wrote this rhyme

Patiently, as joyous tears were wept


So come now, sweet child of mine

What awaits is a life yet lived

But never shall I let you suffer

Together true, we’ll do just fine

Living Leaflet

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When I was a seed,

I had not want nor need.

Burrowed in the deep dark earth,

Slowly biding my time till my birth.


When I was a sapling,

With the soil itself grappling,

While in the breeze I did sway,

I grew taller day by day.


When I was a mighty oak,

Covered in a tough bark cloak,

I was towering and proud,

My dream to reach a distant cloud.


And now I am but a snag,

A lifeless husk caught in a crag,

My body to the earth it shall go, 

Giving my life to a new seed to grow…


Soon I shall be no more than debris,

But, I have rather liked being a tree,

So, if there is a chance to start over,

I would love to be a lucky little clover!


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A day as ordinary as any other

I worked and played and dined with mother


Strange, a sense of déjà vu?

Is this really day two?


No, I am not going mad!

I just keep repeating this day so sad!


Why bother with work or mother’s dinner

Who cares what happens to this poor little sinner


When was the last time I took a shower

From the outside world I have begun to cower


Nothing matters nor even keeps

Everything resets between my sleeps


A month of Monday’s came and went

And yet for a Tuesday I would’ve anything spent


What is the point of staying sane?

Everything I try is surely in vain


I travelled as far as the day would allow

To see the nearby world is my new vow


I have seen the world and done it all

Now into eternal sleep I wish to fall


Not even death has freed me this hell

Please oh please won’t someone break the spell


I’m done with this and done with that

I will accept that my life has fallen flat


Peace is within and chaos without

No more shall I wonder, no more shall I doubt…


I am still not sure how I found the way

But I am simply glad it’s finally Tuesday!

Lost and Found

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I have searched the highs and the lows

I have wondered if anyone really knows

For what I seek is not easily found

It is not by time or place bound

I began searching at the tender age of nine

It’s when I first realized that not everything was fine

I have sought and searched and even begged

But to my board of truth the answer’s not pegged

I shall continue my search, I cannot stop

This is not something I can buy in the shop

I am sure you are curious as to the object true

It is something we all need, even you

For what I seek is purpose in life

Whether that be making money or finding a wife

I want to know exactly where I stand

I want to know the meaning of my life’s brand

So I will continue to seek and search and scout

To this task I’ll remain devout

So to this answer I’ll open my ear

Until I know just why I’m here.


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Wise men say that madness is in the mind

Oh if only I was in such a bind

For my madness is of the literal kind

As in time you’ll surely find


My nemesis sits nightly in the sky

And now you are surely wondering why

Are you thinking I’ve told a lie

But soon you’ll know, for that night is nigh


Yes, when the heavens complete their arc

And the beast of the soul bears its mark

I run hurriedly to the nearest park

As my human word becomes a wolfish bark


This curse of mine many years I’ve kept

So many times I’ve cried and wept

As I went night after night I had not slept

And the full moon closer crept


But now it is time again to prowl

And creep around under night’s great cowl

This curse which I was given so foul

Will cause me to let out a great big howl


So hide your children, hide your meat

For this werewolf is coming down your street

If you don’t flee I’ll have a treat

As under the moonlight I need to eat!

Madness Mantra

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Sane’s Bane

Bane’s Sane

Nothing is ever the same

Same same same 

You all look the same 

Same thing, every day

Same thing, day by day

Am I insane?

Insane I am?

Sane’s Bane

Bane’s Sane

Sane I said!

Same I said!

Same same same!




I do

I do

I do some more

Yet nothing else comes

Nothing new

Nothing you

Expect different

Time after time

Fail fail fail

Expect the same

Time before time

Same same same!

Sane’s Bane!

Bane’s Sane!

Am I insane?

Insane I am?

Who be you?

You be who?

Look inside 

Look outside







The clock strikes three

The clock strikes me!

Who said that?

That said who?

Who am I?

I am who?




The owl hoots for you!

Shut up!

Shut up!

Shut up!

The voices talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk!



Am I insane?

Insane I am?

Sane’s Bane?

Bane’s Sane!




I’m not mad!

Mad I’m not!

Mad, not I!

I speak for you

You speak for I

We speak for me

Me speak for we

I was like you

Then I grew and grew

My mind broke, you see?

I was sane once

Or insane? 

I forget

Forget I did 

You like me

Me like you

Same same same 

Am I insane?

Insane I am?

Are you insane?

Insane. You. Are.


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A witch of magic and mischief I am

Hocus pocus and alakazam

My spells are known across the land

Turning water to wine and stone to sand

But on a new venture I now begin

Greater I’ll be, than all my witchery kin

A new spell, one greater than any other

Powerful enough to turn your son into your mother

A drop of this and a pinch of that

Look at that liquid bubble and splat

But I hear you ask, why do I need a spell this grand?

You see, I’ve always felt rather bland

My looks are dull and I’m shy to boot

And I think I’m always covered in soot

But this will change all that and more

Although it might leave me a lil’ sore

I want the confidence to speak my mind

The words that are trapped I want to find

So now that my potion’s boiled and stewed

I’ll have the courage to say, I love you…


average rating is 4.5 out of 5, based on 150 votes, People liked this poem


That was the first word I ever spoke

My mother

Who gave me life

And stayed true no matter what 

My father

Who made a boy

But left before he made a man

That was a lifetime ago

And now I face a time of death

My body is withered



My family is the same

My hair is gone

But my mother is not

She stands firm

Like a mighty oak

What will I say to her?

As I die?

I know what my first words were

But as for my last?

I guess I could go with

“I have no regrets”

But that would be a lie

For I have too many to count

Perhaps, “I love you” would do

But I feel much deeper than that

Love is too simple a word

Should I tell her not to cry

As I do?


Let her cry away her sadness 

As I do.

So what then?

What am I to say?

The last words I will ever speak

On my very last day?


I know

I shall end as I began

For all that you have given me

All I can really say


“Thank you,

For everything,


Man and Beast

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Blood drips. Down. Down. Down.

White lips. Frown. Frown. Frown.

Black blade, roaring in the night.

His heart, fleeing from the light.

Violence made flesh, flesh made red.

He will not stop until all are dead.

Barsch, master of the beast.

Lanista, who desires to feast.

Together, they howl, two souls stained black.

Together, they scream, ready to attack.

Flesh rips. Drown. Drown. Drown.

Blood drips. Down. Down. Down.

(And for those of you who have read Awakening, this poem is based on the events of Wareven village)


average rating is 4.5 out of 5, based on 150 votes, People liked this poem

What is a face without a mind

I have quite the opposite bind

My skin is never quite the same

Although I always retain my name

Every morning, as the sun I behold

I find that my flesh has become mottled and old

I peel and tear and throw it away

This I repeat, every single day

And when my old coat is gone

I emerge like the ugly duckling became the swan

Never the same look I possess

Some days I’ll wear pants, others a dress

And although my form every day changes

And my face has many, many ranges

The person inside is always me

Even though with different eyes I see

My likes and hobbies and fears true

Do not change, same as you

So this curse of mine is really no curse at all

For I will always be me, whether I’m big or small!


average rating is 4.5 out of 5, based on 150 votes, People liked this poem

Vile things creep in the night

Vile things come from the blight

Vile things take and take

Vile things make and make

Vile things say do no harm

Vile things slaughter on the farm

Vile things lurch and spew

Vile things will harm the few

Vile things are never wrong

Vile things don’t think for long

Vile things lie and steal

Vile things break and peel

Vile things say anything

Vile things chaos bring

Vile things stride around

Vile things go in the ground

Vile things will never change

Vile things are rather strange

Vile things have two of each

Vile things off the Earth do leech

Vile things will bring us tears

Vile things last many years

Vile things are here to stay

Vile things like it that way

Vile things are you and me

Vile things are all we see

Vile things are humans too

Vile things have punishment due

Vile things will have to learn

Vile things will one day yearn

Vile things are killing this land

Vile things have gotten out of hand

Vile things need to be stopped

Vile things should be chopped

Vile things litter and lie

Vile things are bitter and die

Vile things we too shall end

Vile things to heaven send

Vile things here no more

Vile things a great eyesore

Vile things gone at last

Vile things now in the past 

Vile things a memory now

Vile things should take a bow!


average rating is 4.5 out of 5, based on 150 votes, People liked this poem

I travel across the land

Formless as the shifting sand

I was a man once, alive and well

Until down a steep cliff I stupidly fell

I was trying to take the perfect pic

But now my family will think I was mentally sick

I move as shadows and breathe as cloud

I can be whisper quiet or very loud

A spirit I am for the rest of time

No hell for me, I committed no crime

So why then do I linger so?

Why indeed do I go to and fro?

Perhaps I have a regret or six

That I now need to wander and fix?

Or is this simply the afterlife whole

Nothing to do but remain a soul?

Shall I remain until the end of days?

With nothing to do except at memories gaze?

No, I will not forever this form retain

I had a family, a wife and a name!

I will travel this land and fix my sins

Until to my late name there are nothing but wins

I am dead, a spirit, and mist

But that does not mean that I am not missed!


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My voice may have gone away

But I still have something I want to say

I might not make a peep nor a sound

But I have thoughts I want found

People say you poor pitiful thing

You will never again be able to sing

But there is a beauty in silence, can’t you see

And when I’m alone with my thoughts, it’s just me

I speak with my fingers and read with my lips

I don’t need sympathy, nor will I use your scripts

For I myself am a thing of wonder

I am lightning without the following thunder

You speak with your mouth and I with my heart

And yet what I dream is a work of art

I have an opinion, many in fact

Don’t count me out because of what I’ve lacked

Give me your time, attention and gaze

I will speak and sing in my own special ways

I may be mute but I’m not dumb

I can do more than just hum

So look into my eyes and hear my voice

You will never ever have made a better choice

My Heart Trembles

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I am a child of fear and furore

I even fear what lies in the mirror

All I ever do is tremble and shake

Whether I’m studying hard or eating cake

But you are not at all like me

From fear and worry you are free

You leap ahead without measuring first

For adventure and life you’ve got a thirst

So help me become more like you 

Until of fears I have only a few

Take my hand and lead me right

But never let me out of sight

This world is big and scary to boot

But by my side I hope you’ll root

For I am a child of fears and strife

And only with you can I live my life!

New World

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The sea bucks, and I go with it

Following the roiling storm in its epileptic fit

I have been at sea for far too long

I no longer crave bread or wine, only song

Yes, that melodious tune holds my ear

And that I should never again hear it is my fear

The lookout in his mast so high

Searching the horizon vast with his eye

He will be the one to speak the phrase

The one that we have awaited for many days

I am tired of blue and black

I dream of what we all lack

Sandy beaches and hills I seek

Even a single pebble would make me weak

Go to the new world my lover spoke

To find great treasure for my fairer folk

So that her hand I may take in mine

And finally steal away what’s theirs and thine

So on this wretched journey kept

Over the side if only I’d leapt

But I will stay true and persevere

Until the sight of land is here

From up above I hear the cry

And I pray that he did not tell a lie

On the deck we all dance and cheer

After all it’s been a long year

“Land ho, land ho, land ho!” he said

Soon, soon my love, and we’ll be wed!


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It all started with a cough

And a feeling of something being off

Next came the shortness of breath

I began to wonder about death

No, I said, ’tis only a bug

All I need is a well fashioned drug

So I took my pills and bade my rest

Swaddled in a soft and down-filled nest

But as the days turned to weeks

And the colour drained from my rosy cheeks

I began to fear that this was it

So smoking immediately I did quit

But the doctor said it wasn’t enough

And that things were about to become very rough

Stage four he said, with eyes of gloom

I don’t even recall how I left his room

That was four and forty days ago

From all the chemo I practically glow

My children beside my bed do weep

As they wait for my eternal sleep

I have made my peace and done my will

Of life I have had more than my fill

My darling wife before me did go

Off to heaven went my darling beau

So now I too take a new step

For which I have had a lifetime to prep

Although my fear is still at my side

I shall not let it hamper my stride

Life has given me tears and joy

From my darling love to my little boy

A life well lived is what they’ll say

As over my casket they solemnly pray

So now it is time for me to leave

They will need their time to grieve

Towards the light I now ascend

I know my wife awaits at the end

So bring it on, this death of mine!

And thank God I lived to ninety-nine!

Non Temetis Messor

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Alarm bells ring

Listen as the monitors sing

Red flash

Vitals crash

Call the code blue

Seconds left, far too few

Hear the pounding boots

Through the doors he shoots

The harbinger of life has come

To do battle with life’s still drum

Feel the force of his blows

Watch as lifeblood torrents flows

Breath of life

Given to end the strife

Thirty then two

I will save you!

Don’t let the lifeline drop

Don’t let that fighting heart stop

Grab the paddles for the shock

On death’s door we shall not knock

Charging come the cavalry called

To wrestle with the heart now stalled

Clear the way, clear the seat

Make way for the returning beat

Brandish your hope and dig a lot deeper

Yell out loud that you don’t fear the reaper!


average rating is 4.5 out of 5, based on 150 votes, People liked this poem

I am as normal as they come

If I were a sweet I’d be water flavoured gum

No excitement nor adventure for me

I have reached the highest I’ll ever be

My days and nights are rather quiet

I’ll definitely not be out in a riot

On weekends I sit and do my taxes

Maybe even send off a few funny faxes

But this life of mine ain’t so bad

Over how things turned out I ain’t even mad

Sure it might seem a bit drab and droll

But I am happy from my heart to my soul

Not every man needs to be a king

Nor find a girl to give a shiny ring

Some of us simply stay in the background

If you search hard enough even I’ll be found

But about me no books will ever be written

For in the faceless mass I’d rather fit in

I won’t even be a footnote in history

There will be no secrets to uncover about this mystery

I’ll simply live and die and that’ll be it

I’ll stay out the way until from life I quit

But please, kind sir, do not feel pity

Not every life has to be sparkling and pretty

So when you catch a sign of my unremarkable form

Simply stop, sigh, and say, “There goes Norm!”


average rating is 4.5 out of 5, based on 150 votes, People liked this poem

I was once all the rage

I was a gadget that defined an age

Kids everywhere clamoured to have me

And why that was is not hard to see

I had all the best gimmicks and features

I was not like those poor inferior creatures

But then my time came and went

And upon me no more coin was spent

I was old news, they mocked and spat

And in the warehouse for years I sat

I am obsolete, this is fine

This is no longer nineteen ninety nine

But upon the wind I have heard a new word

It is spoken by many, I think they be called “nerd”

“Nostalgia” they say, pointing my way

Perhaps it has come time for a new day

I shall be loved again, at least for a time

But hey, a dime is a dime

So now no longer obsolete am I

And it will be a while longer before I finally die!


average rating is 4.5 out of 5, based on 150 votes, People liked this poem

What is darker than black?

Is there a colour we still lack?

What lies in the deepest hole?

What colour is a sinner’s soul?

Look up at night and tell me what you see

Between the stars there is something that’s free

A void of infinite size and span

You could say of that shade I’m quite the fan

I want to bottle up that darkness and use it to paint

I want to stare and stare until I feel faint

For that deep, deep darkness exists both above and below

It is but light’s one and only foe

Blacker than black and darker than oil

Whether you look above or beneath the soil

Darkness surrounds us in every which way

Darkness comes at the end of each day

So why fear that which you cannot outrun

Do not worry and whimper when you can’t see the sun

Simply close your eyes and it’ll be where you are

Cause the darkness around you is never too far…

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