Please note, you are free to use these story ideas however you so desire. You can take them in their entirety and build on them, use them as sources of inspiration or even cannibalize them for spare story parts.

If you do this, all I ask is that you mention it somewhere on your blog, social media or in your book.


The Witch and the Lich

The Time-Keeper

A Boy and his Centaur

To Kill a God

The Dark Queen

The Gambling Spirit

Our Father

No Honor

The Returner

The Unfortunate Tale of Bad Luck Brendan

The Monster that is Man

The Science of Magic

A Disease Called Love

Once I was a God

The Memory Thief

The Ashes of Love

The Traveller

Old Blood

Silent Sonata

The Nowhere War

The Lost Arts

In the Lair of the Serpent

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