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Any lady can see that love is a choice

Meany is what I’ve been called in his voice

My knee I bent for you, he says

Moe is my husband, for all my days

Catch sight of another, is what I did

A strapping lad, barely more than a kid

Tiger is what I call him, for prey he has

By the third date we were cuddling to jazz

The heart wavers, young love or old

Toe the line or dare to be bold?

If I chose my tiger cub, will fun be mine?

He does look like a model for Calvin Klein

Hollers and shouts like a kid in a zoo

Let that be a lesson for anyone who wants two

Him and her, though, bound for life

Go away or stay, I’m still his wife

Any way you put it, my heart is his

Meany is what he does call his Ms

My knee did shake and shiver true

Moe it will always be me and you!


average rating is 4.5 out of 5, based on 150 votes, People liked this poem

I am the wildest in the West

I am the best of the best

Godhand Joe, my name be known

In the cemetery’s soil I’ve many humans sown

And now I’m about to add another to that score

I’ll cement my name in this country’s lore

So forgive me, Mr Lawman, please

Soon I’ll have you begging on your knees

Across the paces he does stand

Surely this will be a gun duel most grand

My fingers brush my grip

Lingering on the polished tip

In a moment I’ll draw my gun

I will put an end to his fun

Soon now, the starting bell will call

And then one of us will definitely fall

The cost of my fame is a single shot

So for your sacrifice I owe you a lot

Wait, did I remember to tie up my horse?

No, now is not the time to be led off course

I need to focus and aim well and true

Hang on, maybe six bullets was too few?

Should I ask him if I can buy some more?

I mean, it’s not too far to the store

Wait, did I hear the starting bell rang?

And did I just hear his gun go… bang?


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We rise on a breath of flame

Around us, many more are doing the same

At the wind’s beck and call

Only it shall decide when and where we fall

Slower than a speeding jet

Yet here air and flame be met

No hurry, no rush, no haste we need

Of gravity’s pull we take no heed

Higher and higher do we ascend

Until we can see the Earth’s true bend

Below lie the vile, and the ugly too

But all I care about is the beautiful view

Up here there is no hustle to flee

I can simply breathe in, out, and be me

For if this skyward journey could eternity last

And all I did was travel this land so vast

Why I do believe I would happiness find

One that I would love to share with all in kind

But the apex risen we have already met

And now comes the time for this voyage to set

Slowly, softly, we are earthward bound

I only hope that I’ll hold onto this peace I’ve found.

Dissociation of Self

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Follow the herd

Is what I’ve heard

Bleat like the rest

Don’t try to be the best

Individuals are weak

Single we are meek

But strong is the pack

We make up for what we lack

But how do I know who I am

If all I stay is a meek little lamb?

Do they know that I dream of more?

That I want to create my own personal lore?

No, for a sheep freethinker is a laughable thing

We are all peasants here for we have no king

The shepherd comes and takes us hither

The wolf comes and our flock does wither

I am slowly losing what it means to be me

I am slowly losing what it means to be free

But I will not this battle concede

Until from this herd I am finally freed

I am a sheep, this is true

But that does not make me the same as you!

Dream a Little Dream

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Have you ever dreamt a little dream

One that like reality did seem

Have you ever dreamt a nightmare frightful

Of monsters and demons spiteful

Have you ever dreamt a waking show

Only it ended when you finally said no?

To dream is to let your mind wander

As your psyche the day’s events does ponder

We all dream and yet no two alike

For some we are voyaging on a bike

Yet others we are dating a crush

Turning, with every honeyed word, to mush

But morning must come to each and all

And we must forget our dreams, big or small

Fear not, however, as night returns

Knowing that day and darkness come in turns

So for now a waking dream we hold

Until sleep comes and we can once more be bold!


average rating is 4.5 out of 5, based on 150 votes, People liked this poem

What is left once you take everything away?

When you strip a man each and every day

I have nothing to my name

I have reached the maximum shame

And yet still they seek to drag me down

They think that I am some kind of worthless clown

There to be spat upon or worse

They won’t care when I’m taken by the hearse

All I ask for is dignity of self

Not to be labelled like a specimen on a shelf

I don’t need your coin or pity

I have grown used to this place so gritty

All I want is to be left alone

I promise I won’t scream or groan

At the bottom I have found my place

So please don’t make me hide my face

I will trouble you not if you don’t either

I don’t need your time or love neither

Simply let me exist as a dreg of life

And let me struggle alone through this miserable strife

Drifting on the River of Life

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Upon this liquid road I totter

As I drift across the water

Pondering the way to go

Currents pulling at me to and fro


Shall I follow my heart and change my way?

Shall I follow my mind and keep to the sway?

Shall I follow my friends as they drift by?

Shall I follow my father until I die?


I swirl and dance between the rocks

Eddies catch and release my locks

Life plays with my hopes and dreams

Just the same as the salmon and breams


Towards the distant ocean I swim

Flowing toward the land’s own rim

From the mountain towers swept

These feeble thoughts are all that’s kept


But what if this is all for naught?

Where is the life I so have sought?

To let my destiny flow along so meek,

Is this truly the path I seek?


These waters of time and life be damned

I will make my own way to land

For if I can but break free from this

A new path I would not but miss


So long all ye who do not fight!

Let the waters of life steal your might

I will make my way my own

I will make my name be heard and known!


So farewell to thee, ye waters of fate

Upon this shore I will clear my slate

And so to mine destiny I bid farewell

No more upon that river shall I forever dwell

Drop of Light

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Birth by fire

Life by light

Death by dark




8 minutes 17 seconds

I travel through the night

Bringing the dawn




Speed greater than any other

I fly through the void, trailing golden light

No, I am the light…




Before me, the universe

Behind me, the mother light

Beside me, the brethren glow




A pale blue dot

Hanging in the vacuum

Insignificant, yet unavoidable




Closer now, closer still

The world awaits





Atmosphere passed through

A sky so clear and blue

My destination reached at last




Is this my destiny?

A rainbow I shall be, stretching across the sky

Or perhaps a burn for a careless bum?




No, not I

A great swathe of green below

Tree after tree, yearning to be free




Great oaks and great elms

All yearning for one such as me

Stretching higher, reaching out for me




My course is set

A part of greatness is my wish

And now I dive, towards the Giants below




No, cruel destiny!

Every tree but missed

Not a single leaf I kissed




I drop, below the canopy darkness

Further in I fall, heading to the abyss

What lies in store, in this light-lost place?




There, I see

A tiny sapling awaiting me

A small tree for a small me




Potential to grow, not yet found

But I shall be its wishing ground

Together we will grow, a giant at front row




A perfect harmony we shall make

Sundrop and sapling, two hearts made whole

We meet at last, my journey done




And so a story tiny ends

Of a drop of light and its goal to lend

Towards the sky, my sapling I send



Earn Your Miracle

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I have seen bones broken and spirits crushed

To the theatre so many rushed

Pain and sorrow beyond compare

Lying still, struggling for air

The journey still long and full of pain 

I don’t know how anyone stays sane

People think that all you need is prayer or meds

They really need to get that out their heads

Hard work, willpower and a pinch of luck

If you don’t have those hospital is gonna suck

I’ve seen patient and kin expecting help

From the lord above or powdered kelp

But when it comes time to walk on mended legs

And your body feels like the dampest dregs

Your spirit alone is what will take you through 

Yes, the one walking is simply you

I may hold your arm and give you strength

But I can only take you partway of the length

For the road to recovery is paved with sweat

And I have never a hopeless case met 

So before you start praying for change

Try something, I promise it’s not strange

Lift your gaze to the distant wall

Grit your teeth and give your all

Crawl, walk and even run

I can’t promise it’ll ever be fun

But at the end of your long journey turned

You will have your very own miracle earned


average rating is 4.5 out of 5, based on 150 votes, People liked this poem

Water and wind

Wind and water

Wear me down

Wear me down 

Grind me down 

Till dust I be

Till dust I see








The winds of life tear at me

The waters of life wash over me

I stood tall, once

A rock in the storm

A steadfast pinnacle 

An unbreakable man

But you wore me down

Day after day

Night after night

You grind me up

You tear me down

Till dust I be

Till dust I see







You break me

Again and again

You rub against me

Again and again

You shave off my stony skin

Again and again




You wear me down


A proud fool I was

Thinking that I could withstand you

But you cannot be withstood




You are the storm 

The wind and the waves

I am the feeble rock

Bracing against your charge

You wear me down

You grind me down




Till dust I be

Till dust I see.


average rating is 4.5 out of 5, based on 150 votes, People liked this poem

The ExPERimeNT was all i could THINK,/.,

IT hapPended fasTER than i cou1d BLI//NK

MIND -> MACHINE was what i de$ired

But now 1n this HELLhole i be M1RED^&^

UN/able to MOVE /or/ even spEAk

NeVER beForE Ha\/e 1 felt so WeAk



ON the gro/und my HUSK now ‘lies’

;with my SOUl i did SE\/ER my ties;

PErhaPS I sh0uld have [listened] to the 0thers

0r maybe {heed}ed the words of my MOTHERS

For my HUMAN life i did cast (aside)

Now 1t is no <different>, i may as WELL haVe DieD

For withOUT a heart I cannot truly #die

But f0r all -eternity- in DARK/NESS i will LIE


average rating is 4.5 out of 5, based on 150 votes, People liked this poem

Life is bad but drugs are good

Even though I know I should

Quitting seems like a waste of time

Like heating up this spoon while I write this rhyme

But the pain won’t any other way go

And I won’t stop till in hell there’s snow

This is my joy and my curse

And will one day shove me in a hearse

But I need it now and I need it fast

The high never does seem to last

I know I should have stayed in school

Now I feel like quite the fool

And I probably should have listened to dad

If he saw me now he’d be quite mad

I’m sorry I stole money from your safe

From the path of righteousness I did strafe

But soon all that will be lost in a haze

And I will spend the afternoon in a daze

To mute the pain and silence the guilt

I will jam this needle right up to the hilt

A brief euphoria is what I seek

My desire is strong, my will is weak

So mom and dad I hope you forgive

This worthless child who chose not to live

I’m sorry if I cause you to cry

When you find out how I did die

Eyes Upon Me

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Have you seen them?

They stare

They gaze

They watch

They spy

They follow

They hunt

They devour

Their eyes are upon me

Wherever I go

They watch 

My room is dark

No light to see

Curtains closed

Door bolted

Windows barred

And still

Their eyes are upon me

I flee into the streets

The people stare

Eyes upon me

Eyes upon me

Eyes upon eyes upon me

They chase me in the day

They haunt me in the night


Please please please please please 

Please close your eyes

Close your eyes!

Don’t look at me

Don’t look at me!


Eyes upon eyes upon eyes upon eyes

Staring down at me

Judging me

Haunting me

Hating me


Why why why why why?

Why do you stare?

What do you see?

What do you see in me?

I flee the light

I shut the door

I bolt the lock

Bar the windows

Close the curtains

Hide myself

There are no eyes in here

No people to see


I can feel their gaze

I can feel their hate

I can feel their eyes

Eyes all around

Eyes upon eyes

Eyes upon me!


average rating is 4.5 out of 5, based on 150 votes, People liked this poem

Why do I even try?

I could do it until the day I die

But no results will I obtain

No matter how much I strain

My blood and sweat by gallons shed

But through them no crown will adorn my head

I tried to persevere against the odds

But now I see it’s me against the gods

For no success will ever be mine

Whether I go alone or wait in line

So what then is the point of trying?

Saying it builds character is simply lying

Why then do I pick myself up?

Why couldn’t I just be a lazy pup?

There is a core of iron in this fleshy frame

I didn’t ask to play on the hardest settings this game

But my daddy told me hard work pays off 

And at those words I could never scoff

Sure it might take me a while

And more than once it’s left me tasting bile

But I will continue to fail as much as needed

Not once for an easier life have I pleaded

So I’ll fail and fail and fail some more

I will wail and cry and even roar

But not ever shall I give up the chase

So I’ll try and try until I win this race!


average rating is 4.5 out of 5, based on 150 votes, People liked this poem

Always true and always right

The sun above is warm and bright

I regret now using up my luck

Why couldn’t I have been born instead as a duck?

The world from here is wide and vast

And I wish that this fall would forever last

But the land is coming closer now

And I’m sure I’ll land with quite the pow

Oh why couldn’t I have stayed on ground so firm

There I’m sure I would have had a life term

But no, into the sky I went

Not stopping for angel’s wings be leant

And now I fall, towards the earth

Perhaps this was my fate since birth

If I land in an open grave

On funeral fees I’ll save

No, not today I die!

Yes, on this day I’ll fly!

I reach back and grab the cord

Saying a silent prayer to the holy lord

I yank and pull on my lifeline two

Wondering why we pack parachutes so few

The first a failure mightily was

Dropping me from the sky with nary a pause

Please oh please let this one work

Let it not share its failed brethren’s quirk

A catch and a drag, the chute comes out

Stopping my fall and removing my doubt

Still I fall, but now much slower 

Definitely not to Heaven a goer

So while I patiently wait for the ground to come

I’ll think of life and sing and hum!

Familiar Stranger

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The day I lost you

I thought you gone forever

But now you are here

The same eyes that drew me in

The same hands that held me

The same lips that kissed me


But not you

What lies inside is not what was

But perhaps what could be?


Same body, different mind

Different body, same mind?

You are gone

And yet here you are

Standing before me

In the flesh

But not the spirit

That day I lost you

I lost you

And you did not return



Young body, old mind

Scars I did not make

Muscles I did not have

A body that is new, yet old

Am I the me that was?

Or the me that is?

I see my parents

They see a stranger

I see my so called-lover

I see a stranger

I look in the mirror

And a stranger looks back

What colour were my eyes?



Will I forget who I was?

Will I forget who I am?

Will I become who I am meant to be?


average rating is 4.5 out of 5, based on 150 votes, People liked this poem

I wield the flame and light

Against the crawling darkness I fight

This thing in my care is death metal

It is far more powerful than a simple kettle 

Out on the battlefield this beast was raised

His destructive power was endlessly praised

I was a soldier then, full of grit

On the enemy I threw fire and spit

But this new foe is mighty indeed

If I do not win, on my corpse it shall feed

I move through my silent home

On my back sits the fuel filled dome

A shadow, a flicker of many legs

On this day for death he begs

I open the nozzle and spray it wide

I can only hope that the foul thing died

But that is neither here nor there

For in war there is neither right nor fair

I continue my walk, seeking the source

Very soon, its kin will know my force 

Even if I must my own home burn

So long as they die in turn

I will continue my fight, no more shall I rest

Until I find and burn that damn spider’s nest!


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Reach for the stars

Die beneath the dirt

Reach for the heavens

Crawl upon the earth

Reach for the skies

Wallow amongst the filth

They told me to hope

They told me to strive

To challenge the world

Well I did

I dared to hope

I dared to dream

And what was my prize?




To hope is to live

They said

To hope is to live a lie

I said

They were wrong 

I was not 

You can be an astronaut

If you’re smart

But you’re not

You can be an athlete

If you’re fit

But you’re not

You can be a celebrity

If you’re talented

But you’re not

To hope is to dream

To dream is to deceive

To deceive is to live

Don’t do what you want to do

Do what you can do 

The menial

The boring

The unfulfilling

The soul crushing

Accept your limitations

Stay low to the ground

The skies, the stars and the heavens 

They are not for you

What you are is what you will be

Now and forever

Never forget

Never hope

Never dream

And thus will you find peace


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You did not repent

So shall you be sent

In hell will you pay rent

Each and every cent

For what you have lent

Eternity shall be spent


Your crime was quite severe

Your sin is brutally clear

Twas not a simple soul-smear

You should for your future fear

At you shall they laugh and jeer

And upon your death will cheer


For you have taken a life

For you have taken a wife

Life with misery so rife

That ended upon your knife

Her voice called out a fife

For this shall you always know strife

Grand Gaia

average rating is 4.5 out of 5, based on 150 votes, People liked this poem


Cradle of life 

Giver of flame

Lions roar as people flee

Lions flee as people roar

Homestead of all

Our home of homes

All glory to the origin place


A billion strong you stand today

Relentless as the ocean tide

Cold above, warm below

Pinnacle of the world straddling steppes

All glory to the rising sun


The land under down 

Red and brown and brown and red

Death and poison and even sheep

Sing oh sing of dreamtimes past

For the day in which we all awake

All glory to the red scorched earth


War of worlds

Neighbour fought neighbour 

Now you have peace from the pieces remaining

Democracy came and went

Kings and Empires aplenty

Always you change

Never the same

All glory to the changing land


Natives and northerners never harmony have

Cold above

Chaos below

Bang and bang and bang some more

Build a wall

Drive man apart

Tear down a wall

Bring man together

All glory to the forgotten dream


River running ever eternal

Forests dying never eternal

Land and sea

Water and wine

Festival resplendent in the shadow of God

Poverty abundant in the shadow of God

Place of joy

Place of pain

Now ruins stand lonely on the mountaintop

All glory to the ghosts of trees


Cold barrow you left for us

Place of life

Place of death

Cold winds blow yearly yonder

Colder winds tear us asunder

All glory to the frozen fields




Glory eternal

A world so small

Yet on it we live

All we have ever known 

All we will ever see

Our home

Our place

Our planet

Our grandest of worlds for we tiny specks

All glory to the grand GAIA!


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Crick. Crack. 

Bones like stone. Stone-like bones.

I am weathered. Shaped and carved by the river of time.

How many seconds left? Not minutes. Not hours. And certainly not days.

But that matters not, young one. For you, I have all the time in the world.

For you are my world.

Look at you, lying in your crib. Eyes wide. Mouth agape. Amazed by the sheer wonder that is life.

You laugh. You cry.

What do you know of laughter?

What do you know of tears?

You have not yet lived, as I have.

You have not danced with the dawn, held by your lover.

You have not wept, as he left you for another…

Ah, but you have my eyes, just like your mother.

I held her, once long ago. I would hold you too, but these arms cannot support you.

I cannot be there when you fall, and you will.

I cannot be there when you soar, and you will.

You have seconds. You have minutes. You have hours. A whole lifetime awaits you. Days of sadness. Months of hardships.

Years of laughter.

But I will not be there to see them.

I have seconds. You have many more.

To you, I will be nothing more than a memory, a set of old eyes in an old face.

Perhaps not even that?

Less than a thought. Less than a memory.

A phrase? A word? A sound? 

What will be left of me in you? 

I am not greedy, so I will ask only for two.

Two syllables. Two sounds. 



average rating is 4.5 out of 5, based on 150 votes, People liked this poem

What do you desire?




Your goals are too small

Your desires, lacking

Your hopes, inconsequential


I want it all.

Nothing less

I want to stand at the peak of humanity

The summit of creation

The apex of the heavens


Because I am greedy

I hunger for more

I thirst for more

I crave for more

More than what I have

More than what I’ll ever need

It’s not enough to be good 

Or even great

I have to be the best

Better than anyone ever was

Or will be


No thanks


Forget it

I will climb to the top

Step by step

I will strive evermore

Step by step

I will go the distance

Step by step

For I am greed itself

And what I claim

Will never be enough…


average rating is 4.5 out of 5, based on 150 votes, People liked this poem


This truth is one that cannot be

You were not so easily taken from me

This world is a lie and you are still here

I have yet to realize my greatest fear


How dare you take him like this!

Do you think I will suffer this dis?

I will storm the gates of Heaven you’ll see

I will rage and fight till his soul is free


I will give you anything at all

Even if it caused my soul to hell fall

For what is my life compared to his

What I do with my spirit is none of your biz


The world is dark and growing cold

You didn’t even let him get very old

They say fate is fickle and death is fair

But this is surely more than I can bear


I see now that he is gone forever

From this mortal coil you did sever

But if I had just one more wish

I would ask that you had not taken my darling fish!

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