Please note, you are free to use these story ideas however you so desire. You can take them in their entirety and build on them, use them as sources of inspiration or even cannibalize them for spare story parts.

If you do this, all I ask is that you mention it somewhere on your blog, social media or in your book.


The Deep Blue Line

The Soldier's Story

The Editor

The Last Goodbye

A Necessary Evil

The Hypnotist

The Shepherd with No Sheep

The Changing Changeling

The Angels of L.A.

The Labyrinth of the Lost

Defiance of Destiny

Tower One

Cancero: The Search for the Last Cigarette

The Pride of Deneth

The Last Atlantean

My Hero

The Unfinished Story

The Young and the (B)old


The Earworm

He With Many Faces

The Coffee that Saved the World

The Last Song

The Children of the Sun

The Darkhouse

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