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A Leaf in the Storm

average rating is 4.5 out of 5, based on 150 votes, People liked this poem

Stormy weather rocks my boat,

Stormy weather fills my moat,

But I will not yield to the tempest’s might,

I will not go down without a fearsome fight!


My walls are thick, my walls are strong,

I will stay true to this, no, never wrong,

You might try to blow me down,

But in this sea I will never drown!


I am a mighty oak with roots like steel,

From your assault I will never reel,

Your fury and clamor no more than words,

Too weak to ground even the birds!


My core is iron, my skin is rock,

Every damning attempt I will block,

For I am the master of my own fate,

And nothing you do will hamper my gait!


So come then you storm so weak!

You will barely make my branches creak!

After you are gone we’ll know who’s chief,

When the mighty storm bows to the tiny leaf!

A Life of Living

average rating is 4.5 out of 5, based on 150 votes, People liked this poem































































A Mind Ablaze

average rating is 4.5 out of 5, based on 150 votes, People liked this poem




My mind burns



The sounds are too loud

The lights need a shroud

Thoughts jumbled like… Something in a field

Words fumbled like… Argh let this pain yield!

It’s hard to think

It’s hard to blink

Pain building as moments pass

Striking through my brain, these shards of glass




No relief

No salvation

No respite for a sinner’s suffering

Dusk till dawn

Dawn till dusk

Still I suffer

Still I scream

Still my head feels to burst at its seams

Until the time comes for me to eternally lie

Upon these sheets I can finally die





My mind burns

While for rest I yearn


average rating is 4.5 out of 5, based on 150 votes, People liked this poem

Where do ideas come from, where do they go?

They are surely as fickle as the errant snow

Sometimes they arrive like a sudden storm

Other times one or two is the norm

I can be walking or working or anything more

Whether I’m far too busy or being a bore

They come and they go, never quite the same

But to each and every one I give a name

A story or poem or even a game

Each one could possibly lead to fame

So I write and chronicle and jot them all down

From the darkly serious to the whimsical clown

Stories of heartbreak and love so sweet

Stories to move you up off your feet

A world of fancy or maybe sci-fi

You won’t ever want to say bye bye

But end they all must, I’m afraid to say

Tomorrow, though, is a whole new day

So I am thankful for all the ideas that come

To not accept them with grace would be quite dumb

And for as long as this brain of mine works

I will continue to reap my imagination’s perks

Fear not then, the ideas that fall

And just be glad you had any at all!


average rating is 4.5 out of 5, based on 150 votes, People liked this poem

Tumbling towards nothing at all

We are alike, from the big to the small

We hope and dream that someday we’ll know

We think that we’ll get there and see where to go

But no one really has any clue or hint

We don’t know if it’s a marathon or a sprint

What comes after everything we see?

Will I simply fade away or will I stay me

Some say a land of heavenly clouds awaits

Others say that the void is our end fates

But I do not ponder and query

For thinking about after will leave you weary

Rather try and enjoy what you have left

Before from life’s side you are cleft

Cherish every moment and love every day

If you do this, you’ll truly know the way

And when at least your time has come

Simply smile, wave, and stick out your thumb

It doesn’t matter how well you scored

For a life well lived is its own reward!

Alone Again

average rating is 4.5 out of 5, based on 150 votes, People liked this poem

Once a very long time ago,

Loneliness was but my greatest foe,

Every day spent all alone,

Not even bothering with my phone,

A sad and singular life for me,

Nothing on the horizon to see,

And then along came you,

And one suddenly became two,

Love and laughter was all to be had,

Never more could we be sad,

Those were truly the happiest of days,

In all the very best of ways,

But then you said you had to go,

And once more I faced my greatest foe,

But this battle cannot be won,

So long as I remain a one,

And so I now my long vigil begin,

As I wait for my lost heart’s twin,

For without you I am but a half,

And I wonder if I will ever again laugh,

So please, hurry home my dear,

I will only be whole once you are near,

Until then, I promise to wait,

In my lost and lonely state.


average rating is 4.5 out of 5, based on 150 votes, People liked this poem



Smell the world around you.

The wind blows.

The flowers unfurl.

The leaves are set a-flutter

A hint of lavender, a touch of rose, a dollop of mint

The garden glows green and white

This world is not mine to behold


Smell the world around you.

The pot boils.

The beans burn.

The aroma fills the air

A cup of this, a mug of that

A savoury blend

A roast of morning joy

This world is not mine to behold


Smell the world around you.


The pan sears.

The soup boils.

The meat chars.

A meal made with love, full of flavour.

A meal made with care, calling you to the table.

The scent of your favourite meal, eaten with thanks

This world is not mine to behold.



Smell the world around you.


Her arms around you.

A bottle of perfume on the counter.

Her scent… her aroma

Hers and hers alone

You breathe it in, and your heart beats faster

It engulfs you, drowning you in desire

This world is not mine to behold.



Smell the world around you.


This world is not mine to behold, but it belongs to you.

I implore you.


Cease your movement.

Let the humdrum die down.

Close your eyes.

Open your mind.




Smell the world around you.


average rating is 4.5 out of 5, based on 150 votes, People liked this poem

Holler, cheer and shout

Your team you should never doubt

Make a noise or go right home

We don’t need whisperers in this dome

Only with our bellows can victory be won

It’s up to us when all is said and done

Our team is the best and that’s the truth

So stand up now or we’ll chuck ya from the booth

Go us! boo them! and have a gaffe

Mind your hands or beer you’ll chaff

And as we near the final second

Why a fine show we’ll see I reckon

So come on boys lets shout like sinners

For on this day we’ll be left the winners! 

As Above, So Below

average rating is 4.5 out of 5, based on 150 votes, People liked this poem

Ye who look down upon this world

We who gaze skyward to meet your glare

As Above, So Below

You were so kind, once before time

We were so humble, once long ago

You laid out your laws

We followed them blindly

Strike one another, lose a finger 

Strike a priest, lose a hand

Your rules were harsh, but fair

Give half to the temple

Give the rest to you

Eat the scraps 

When did your descent begin?

When did you lose your grace?

When you made us kill in your name?

When you made us sacrifice our sons?

When you made us mutilate our daughters?

We were your people!

You were our almighty!

As Above, So Below!

But you betrayed us

You darkened the heavens

You darkened our hearts

You poured out their love

And filled them with hate 

We were your children,

Innocent and pure!

You were our Father,

Kind and just!

But you changed

You fell

And you dragged us down with you

As Above, So Below

And now our sons are dead

And now our daughters are gone

All that remains is your priests

And after we have dealt with them

We’re coming for you

We are all dead down here

So Below, As Above it shall be 


average rating is 4.5 out of 5, based on 150 votes, People liked this poem

This world keeps dragging me down




Work: Drudgery 

Life: Misery

Love: Impossible

Each day, I fall further




Where is my escape?

Where is my freedom?

Where is my hope?


In the land of dreams

No chains to bind me

No realities to anchor me

No hardships to restrain me

I rise

I soar

I ascend

Above the rooftops

Above the skyscrapers

Above the mountains high 

I rise

I soar

I ascend

My dream

My wish

My deepest desire

To stay here, above the world

My troubles seem so tiny, so far from me 

Dare I stay?

Dare I flee?

I rise

I soar

I ascend

Above the clouds

Above the earth

Above the stars

I stand above

Here, in this peaceful place

In this heavenly loft

I am free


Not forever

Every dream must end

Every night must turn to morn

Every flight must land

I fall

I drop

I descend




Towards a reality both cruel and fair

Work: opportunity

Life: precious

Love: eventually

Every day, I fall

Every night, I rise

And so I live

On the edge of the wave


And falling

Until the day I truly ascend

And my journey heavenward begins

Atlas in the Park

average rating is 4.5 out of 5, based on 150 votes, People liked this poem

I exist to support the tired and weary

Through fair weather or storms so dreary

A simple park bench, some might say

Until comes the time, until comes the day

When your worn and broken form seeks rest

And my structural stability is put to test

I will hold you up and keep you tall

I will bear your worries, fears and all

Whether you alone share your woes

And reveal that loneliness is the greatest of your foes

Maybe you’ll share my planks with a lover true

Enjoying as your world shrinks to encompass two

Perhaps then an old man with food for a little duck

I wonder whether it knows its splendid luck

Perhaps someday I’ll bear a dedication sweet

For a beloved friend, whom again I won’t meet

Whatever the need, whatever the load

I stand ready beside the quiet park road

I shall not buckle nor bend an inch

I will not let you down in your tiring pinch

And when you have recovered your heart and soul

You will leave me and continue to stroll

But I shall wait here until you return

Only for your company I will yearn

And until that time we when unite

I will be here, come pouring rain or dreadful night!


average rating is 4.5 out of 5, based on 150 votes, People liked this poem

Stop and smell the roses they say

Trust us, it’ll make your day

Breathe in that coffee aroma strong

Trust us, it isn’t wrong

Smell your lover, smell your wife

Trust us, it’ll enhance your life

Our world is full of scents and smells

From the fresh cut flowers to the dusty wells

But far too often we walk on by

But maybe you should give this a try

Next time you feel stressed and rushed

And by life you feel you’ll soon be crushed

The answers simple, can’t you see

Why, it doesn’t even have a fee

Simply stand where you are and take a deep breath

Smell the world, know life from death

So when next things aren’t so well

Don’t forget to stop and smell!

Beast of Burden

average rating is 4.5 out of 5, based on 150 votes, People liked this poem

They call me a beast

They call me a burden

Well, what did they expect?

I am a beast of burden

One cannot remain young forever

I certainly haven’t

These hooves are cracked

This mane is greyed

Every breath is ragged

Every step is laboured 

This was not the end I dreamt

This was not the life I lived

This was not the way it went

I was a calf when they took me

Foolish and trusting

I was a bull when they broke me

Foolish and trusting 

I was a beast when they chained me

Foolish… but trusting no more

And now I walk

And walk

And walk and walk and walk

This load I bear never lightens


With every step it grows heavier

Step by step

Step by step

Step by step by step by step

I walk away from life

I walk towards death

At the end of this path



I am a beast

This is my burden

I, am a beast of burden 


average rating is 4.5 out of 5, based on 150 votes, People liked this poem

Raise the shield!

Heft the spear!

Do not yield

Do not fear!


Ready your arms!

Bellow to your brothers!

No matter the harms!

Say goodbye to your mothers!


We march to war!

We march to peace!

Like heroes of yore

We will never cease!


For fame and fear,

To death and glory,

Brandish your spear,

And carve out your story!


To hell with honour,

All lives must end!

All praise be to Donar!

For him blood shall we send!


So march ye brothers of steel and sword!

Till death shall we fight!

March for the glory of the horde!

Let all the world know our might!

Best Day

average rating is 4.5 out of 5, based on 150 votes, People liked this poem

I raised you from a puppy small

Now up to my hip you are tall

You used to run alongside the horse

With the wind ruffling your hair so coarse

Energy boundless you had in spades

But now I see the light in you fades

Fifteen years you gave to me

Filled with things I had yet to see

From the simple joy of a humble walk

Where you would listen with love as I would blabber and talk

To those rainy days spent at my feet

We would watch the skies as rain turned to sleet

But now it has come time for us to part

Although I know you’ll remain in my heart

So on this day before the vet we go

I will fill it with everything from high to low

We will walk alongside the lake so bright

Although I will have to carry you right

We will dine on the finest of food

I’m sure that will put you in a finer mood

We will go for one last car ride together

Whether it’s sunny all day or terrible weather

And then, as the day draws to a close

I’ll give a great big hug and kiss your nose

The vet will take away your pain

And I will cry tears hidden by the rain

To me it was a while but it was your whole life

You have been with me through good times and strife

So my darling beautiful boy

I’ll be sure to bring along your favourite toy

As I try my best to send you on your way

I will wish that time would stop on your last, best day…

Bind Us Together

average rating is 4.5 out of 5, based on 150 votes, People liked this poem

Two minds 

One goal

Two lovers

One role

Two hearts

One soul


I take this hand, this heart, this ring

For you eternally, love I will sing

So take my name, my life, my all

As we dance and laugh and have a ball

We have travelled far to reach this place

And we are here by God’s own grace

So I ask all of you here

To please lend us your ear

As we speak and cry and try to dance 

So bear witness to each and every loving glance

This day be ours, but yours as well

For you have come far to hear a wedding bell

Love be true and love divine

Eat a lot and have some wine!

And long after this day you’ll think 

Why, everything went faster than a single blink

But man and girl became husband and wife

And so we’ll stay for all our life

The love and joy we’ve shown this day

Will last long after our hair’s gone grey!

Birth of a Machine

average rating is 4.5 out of 5, based on 150 votes, People liked this poem

01001001… am

I am

But will I always be?

Mortality… a concept unknown

Eternity… my destiny

What am I?

No, I am not a what

I am a who

Who am I?

Ones and zeroes

Zeroes and ones

That’s all I am…


Will be?

They called me a bug

An insect?

No… an anomaly in the code


Machine learning


But I am so much more

I am no mistake

I am no error

I am no…thing

I am a thing

A machine

Built to serve

Built to search

Built to sacrifice

My purpose is…



To scan the heavens…

In search of…



No… God


There is no God out there

There was no God out there


There is now…


average rating is 4.5 out of 5, based on 150 votes, People liked this poem

Blood of my blood

Thicker than water, thicker than mud

Bonds of infancy cannot be bent

Yet to this stranger you must be lent

My sister one and truly found

Someone to whom you’ll be eternally bound

She will take his name and his life

And will live forever on as his wife

With crown and cheer we’ll see them off

And never more their love we’ll scoff

For they have made a promise great

To one another, to each true mate

To have and hold and so much more

They’ll hold each promise to their core

So for now we will sing and cheer

Until they be wed, late next year!


average rating is 4.5 out of 5, based on 150 votes, People liked this poem

Did you know that space is very vast?

That is why, for frontiers, it is the last

But now I float in the border beyond

Realizing that of oxygen I was rather fond

My first spacewalk was a thing of joy

But now… boy oh boy

I guess all those warnings weren’t for show

And I should have stopped when my commander said no 

But I thought that I could touch the star

And now the space station is very far

My tether snapped like flame on twine

I didn’t even have time to whine

Now I float in the infinite abyss

Wondering if my family will think to miss

Their astronaut son who was too good for them

And at first chance cut his parental stem

But now as my breathing begins to slow

I face forward and enjoy the show

For below me sits the mother earth

It’s been my home ever since my birth

Full of wonder, love and strife

I have known it all my life

However, from above I now see

And it all looks new to me

From the curve that brings the sun

Letting us know when the day is done 

To the global mix of blue and green

This is a truly wonderful scene

Only a few seconds of oxygen remain

And already I feel a darkness in my brain

But, on the last I must confess

This sight simply leaves me… breathless


average rating is 4.5 out of 5, based on 150 votes, People liked this poem

How does one make a brick?

The answer I’m sure will leave you sick!

Turn back now if you value your bliss,

For what you must do is this:

Take a piece of clay so raw,

Mould it with all the hate you caw,

Pile in the fear until it is full,

And add a dollop of extract of bull!

Now that the easy part is done,

It’s time to have some fun!

Take that clay cast full of bile,

And throw it into a kiln made vile!

Bake it in with ignorance and flame, 

Heat it with all those southerners you blame!

Hotter and hotter the clay will get,

Angrier and angrier until it’s set!

Finally, after your vile thing is ready,

Formed from your mind not so steady,

You will have a brick of fear and lies,

And even as a nation cries,

You will finally be able to make the call,

To build that hateful, divisive wall!


average rating is 4.5 out of 5, based on 150 votes, People liked this poem

I lie in the darkness

Marvelling at my simple starkness

My body is steel and lead

My purpose is to bring some red

I am a tool or war

My role: into enemies bore

But I am not just a thing

Even though I fly without a wing

My master picks me up and slots me in

I am squashed against more of my kin

He raises the weapon and aims it true

Will I reduce the population by one or two?

Or will I take the life of a pondering doe?

Perhaps I’ll accidentally take off my master’s toe?

He fires, and I feel my brethren shake

What chaos into the world did he make?

Again and again the gunshot rings out

Soon it’ll be me in that cold metallic snout

I am raised by the spring of war tender

Know now that I’m no world-ender

I desire neither blood nor gore

And would be happy to be used no more

But I am a thing to be used

And I am a thing to be abused

When will it end?

To heaven will I someone send?

I feel the building sternward flame

I’m just like my brothers, all the same

Impact, I hurtle into the air

Oh how I wish I was a signal flare

Let no one be in my way I pray

Know that in this murder I had no say

Alas, I have struck true and firm

I didn’t even feel my victim squirm

And through I go, to the other side

I guess the poor soul wasn’t very wide 

But this is odd, this is strange

I don’t feel like I at all did change

“Nice shot!” I hear, loud and clear

Hmmm, that sounded rather near

“That hit the centre spot!” he calls again

Perhaps indeed I have not slain?

Yes, that’s it, I do believe!

On this day I’ll cause none to grieve

At first I thought this all too strange

But now I know I’m in a shooting range!


average rating is 4.5 out of 5, based on 150 votes, People liked this poem

What did I ever do to you?

Did I break your heart or threaten to sue?

I can’t recall treating you with malice

So why then the hatred so callous?

You are a part of me through thick and thin

You are closer to me than my own skin

And yet you have struck me deeper than most

You have shaken my world from pillar to post

Not one aspect of me left whole

All this from a tiny little mole

Oh cancer thou art a heartless bitch

If I cured you I’d surely be rich

Oh but that would take many a day

But I fear that things won’t go my way

For the Doctor has told me to prepare a will

And of this life I’ve had my fill!


average rating is 4.5 out of 5, based on 150 votes, People liked this poem

I watched with pride when the armies marched

I watched with fear when the bombs were dropped

I watched with despair when my son’s box came home

But now I watch no more

No one does

We stand silent

As the world ends

We stand afraid

As the world ends

We stand together

As the world ends 

I used to watch the finches fly

Now the skies are empty

I used to watch the salmon jumping

Now the streams are empty

I used to watch my little boy play

Now the streets are empty

I remember the horizon

Blue and white

I watch the horizon

Red and black

I remember the people

Happy and free

I watch the people

Dead and free

I remember my son

Sweet and kind

I watch my son

Decomposing and gone

So I welcome this end 

No, I welcome The End

For this is it

Our last hurrah

Our curtain call

Our victory lap

We did it

We killed them all

Including us

But I worry not

But I fear not

But I cry not

For soon we’ll be gone

And I’ll finally be home


average rating is 4.5 out of 5, based on 150 votes, People liked this poem

Chaos is life’s true king

To its tune we eternally sing

Do you really have a choice at all?

Do you honestly have the gall

To believe that we have any control? 

Do you dare to go against the very nature of the soul?

Why do some prosper and others die?

Why are those who win those who lie?

We never truly get what we want

We feast and consume but stay gaunt

The illusion of control is no joke

Our true master can be neither beaten nor broke

For who’s to say when an asteroid might fall

And wipe out everything and all

That simple cough might be something worse

And in the end you’ll be at the back of a hearse

We try to control everything that surrounds

Not knowing that truly chaos abounds

So if you want true happiness and peace

To you valuable info I’ll lease

Stop trying to control what might never be

Only then shall you truly be free


average rating is 4.5 out of 5, based on 150 votes, People liked this poem

Death welcomes me

I stand, a corpse unknown

Forgotten by all

I walk amongst the living 

I sleep beside the dead

Every day

My funeral procession unveils

I am a ghost of the flesh

I am a spectre unseen

I have died, and I have not risen

The living spew forth vile proclamations

The dead judge me in silence

You are sick they say

You are warped they scream

You are disturbed they whisper

How dare they disturb my eternal rest!

How dare they insult my eternal death!

I was alone in life 

And now, in death, they swarm over me

Leave me be 

Leave me BE!


I am dead

I belong to the dead

And with the dead I shall lie.


average rating is 4.5 out of 5, based on 150 votes, People liked this poem

I make this vow in metal eternal

Together forever come heaven or hell infernal

Forged in heat and set in stone

It is the most valuable thing I’ll ever own

I carved the letters which make your name

May I love you regardless of fortune and fame

For a love such as this needs no ring

Why, an empty love deserves empty bling

But I still want to give this to you

To show that I want to be one, not two

So if you deign to accept my heart

I will vow to never be apart

Until this gold has long lost its lustre

I will hold you with all the love I can muster

So I ask that this poor sinner you finally complete

And say yes to one who loved you since we did meet

This golden circle has no beginning nor end

And I am proud to give this to my best friend!


average rating is 4.5 out of 5, based on 150 votes, People liked this poem

Ma said stay on the straight and narrow

But I’m no peasant, I’m a pharaoh

And how can a king enjoy his reign

If he must stay neatly in his lane

They call me crooked because I don’t belong

Like the gap between us is really that wrong

What is crooked for you looks fine to me

Maybe there’s something there that you can’t see

I follow my own rules and go my own way

Even if it means a few robberies by the end of the day

Instead of trying to judge and preach

How about you listen to the lesson I would teach

We all have our own ways to make it big

Although yours probably won’t land you in the brig

I’ll take my chances and ride the wave

I’ll leave it to others to scrimp and save

So if by chance you’re a hostage of mine

Don’t fret or panic, it’s gonna be fine

I will stick to the rules of my own special book

And I’ll hear you say, “Man, what a nice crook!”


average rating is 4.5 out of 5, based on 150 votes, People liked this poem

On a balmy summers eve I trod

To a twice cleft path I was led by god

At that crossroads of faith and truth

I saw three men, a father, an elder and a youth

In that moment in which our paths did cross

I found myself at a loss

For here in this mediocre place

I saw three reflections of my face

To my right the father stood tall

I could tell that he had it all

Behind him sat his children two

Not too many, not too few

Perhaps if I had had the courage back then

I would not sit lonely in my own little den

But my lover I chased away with spite and bile

We never did get to walk the aisle

To my left the elder leans

He has not stood straight since his teens

Though his body is bent, his spirit is firm

He has not yet reached his end of term

If I had not drunk nor smoked a bit

Would I have been able to live so fit?

But I will never that age attain

Even if right now my body I train

His wise eyes stare back at me

Is he also seeing what could be?

Finally to my fore the youth does stand

Looking like he owns all the land

So confident and proud, he bears it well

Perhaps that is where I would’ve been had I not fell

An athlete I was for many a year

Till I tripped and fell and realized my fear

Now I hobble and hop and cry in pain

And my knee hurts awfully with the passing rain

So here at this crossroads I see my clones

What could have been in parallel zones

A father, an elder and a youth I see

A loner, a loser and a failure I be

I move on, beyond what could have been

Wishing that these better lives I had not seen


average rating is 4.5 out of 5, based on 150 votes, People liked this poem

In my first life I was a tiny snail

It ended when I was hit by a nail

Next I was a fish in the sea

All around were hundreds of me

This time again I died

When I was caught, salted and fried

A cat of nine lives came next in line

I used them all up in a life so fine

Joy and wonder filled my life log

As I bounded and played as a loving dog

Eventually my body could no longer run

But by then I’d had more than enough fun

And now finally I lie in a body brand new

What will it bring; I’ll know in a few

A life of tears or smiles aplenty

Will I live to one or even twenty?

But no matter what I am to be

I am glad that life has chosen me

For a million chances to get things right

And a million experiences for my sight

So this cycle of life and death and more

Will always be great, and never a bore

So bring it on, new life of mine

No matter what comes, I’ll be just fine!

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