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The Beggar King Has Been Published!

Two books in two months? They said it couldn’t be done.

They being my mother, of course.

But here we are again! The Beggar King is now available on for free and will soon arrive on Apple iBooks (also free) and Amazon ($0.99)!

The Beggar King is the sequel to the Beggar Knight and the second part of a trilogy. You Bugger, to his great annoyance, has been crowned king. Instead of returning to his favourite pastime, i.e begging, he is forced to deal with politics, poison and palaces. Watch him face off against a ruthless warrior-king, disguised assassins and nobles who want him to fail.

There is always a way to win, however, provided that you are prepared to pay the cost of victory.

And remember… there are fates worse than death…

I have also uploaded a piece of commissioned artwork created by the insanely talented Shugarkyub to my website. Check it out and check out their Instagram for more amazing pictures!

If you enjoy the book, please leave a favourable review at your favourite online retailer. If you didn’t, please do so anyway!

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