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I was young

Not old


But not sold


I met her

She was free

She wanted fur

But not me


I found love

She didn’t 

My little dove

My heart’s glint


I persisted

She said no

I desisted

Not my beau


I moved on

Got a wife

She was gone

But gave strife


My heart ached

On her affixed

Wrong love staked

Feelings mixed


I divorced

Wasn’t right

Not forced

I took flight


Now sappy

Just me


But free.


average rating is 4.5 out of 5, based on 150 votes, People liked this poem

To stand out in this day and age

You need something that doesn’t fade

How about an achievement so grand

That your name is known across the land?

No, that sounds like a’lotta work

So how bout a tat instead?

From your stamp of tramps

To your bleeding angels

And the sacred tribal sign

That will end up on your behind

Because nothings says unique

Like a winged fist across the cheek

Or the foreign letters

That don’t mean squat

To the foreign letters

That probably mean “snot”

Or maybe your lover’s name

Just pray that it always stays the same

So if all these sound great to you

Why not try and get a tattoo

And if after, you think it wasn’t clever

Worry not, it’s only there forever


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I remember when I had things to do

But now I just sit and mope and stew

Nothing’s on the telly nor the net

Even a little something and I’d be set

I’ve tried counting sheep and watching paint

A glorious life this certainly ain’t 

All my friends seem to be having great fun

Well that’s what they say after they’re done

So little to do, so much time

Why I even had enough to write this rhyme

An adventure or two I could certainly use

Like battling pirates or stopping a bomb’s fuse

But nothing ever happens in this boring old town

For laziness and peace we win every crown

But who am I to complain so much

After all, I’m a such and such

Never truly trying to be anything at all

Always afraid that from grace I’d fall

Perhaps boredom and laziness I did confuse

And all along adventure I did refuse

But now I think it’s time for a change

After all, is trying again really so strange

I’m gonna get off my ass and do something new

So look out world, with laziness I’m through!


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Just breathe out

And relax


The tide goes in

The tide goes out


Listen to my siren song

Let it lull you deeper

Close your eyes

Close your mouth

Close your mind


The tide goes in

The tide goes out


Almost there 

Peace is within reach

An end to woe

To suffering

We come from the sea

To the sea we must return


The tide goes in

The tide goes out


No more tears

No more worries

No more strife

The sea gave you life

But not forever

All loans must be repaid

All debts settled

Your time has come

Your credit due

Now sleep

And dream no more


The tide goes in

The tide goes out…

The Grandfathers

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The mountain looms before us

I honestly don’t see the fuss

They call it the spire of heaven

I’ve been climbing it since I was seven

The tourists come in their droves

Bringing bottles of coke and salted loaves

To them it is naught but a thing

Something that to their children they bring

But my people know this place’s true worth

They have lived here since it broke through the earth

Its natural beauty has long since faded

And now my people stand jaded

They took their chisels and their tools

And made us look like quite the fools

This place was once our ancestral home

But now all over the states we roam

Upon our heritage their carved their own

Cementing that a new history was to be known

They came to this land seeking gold

Taking no care of those who already had a hold

They used their words, laws and force

And drove us from our natural course

Not long after they wrote their history large

And all of a sudden they were in charge

Six became four, ours became theirs

But one day, all shall return to the true heirs…

The Great Mother

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All love to the children of the Earth





All glory to the Great Mother





All praise to the Queen of Life





All honour to the Pale Blue Dot


Love, Glorify, Praise and Honour Her

She is the birthplace of man

The womb of life

Creator of art and beauty


Home of Homes

World of Worlds

Our cradle and our grave

Our first Mother

And our last


All glory to the Great Mother

The Monster

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Eyes of flame, eyes of light

Eyes which seek out every fight

Skin like stone, cobbled and cracked

This monster I have chased and tracked

He lumbers through the concrete jungle now

To kill him is my only vow

When people stare and people scream

Blood and gore become the theme

He towers over men and more

He hunkers down so close to the floor

A hideous beast that knows no love

Not even from the kindest dove

How dare he show his face so gruesome

He will always be alone, never a twosome

I hate and hate and hate him so

We will never be friends, always we’ll row

He should not ever the light of day see

He should know that he was not meant to be

So when at last I do confront him

I promise I will tear him limb from limb

But know that even now he draws nearer

Staring at me from the other side of the mirror

The Mulberry Tree

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I remember the mulberry tree

Where we used to play

You told me it was our special place

Our happy place

Father and son

Son and father

Away from the world 

Away from the worries

Away from the ward

Where they radiated you

Where they stole your blood

Where they killed you

You tried to build a treehouse

But it failed

You tried to build a swing

But it failed

You tried to hang a tyre

And it held

You pushed me



More and more

You pushed me

Made me strong

Strong enough to live without you

And here I am

With my own son in my arms

Standing beside the mulberry tree


Beside the mulberry stump

A remnant of what was

A remnant of us

A remnant of you


But not forgotten

One day I’ll tell him

About the mulberry tree

About the new seed I planted

Something new

From something old

One day I’ll tell him

About you

About my dear old dad

Someone old

For someone new

One day I’ll tell him

Why his father cries

When he sees a stump

And a sapling

One day I’ll tell him

The story of the mulberry tree…

The Race

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Sirens flash

Patients crash

Pedal to the metal

Don’t let that heart-line settle

Dodge the traffic and obstacles to life

Face the future, overcome this strife

Every second late is in death’s good favour

But fear not, for I am your saviour

I will race the clock for you

For you deserve a chance anew

To live and laugh and do all things well

This is not the time and place you fell

So I’ll turn on the siren and put it in gear

I will take away your loved one’s fear

This race I do each and every day

It doesn’t always go my way

But that will not keep me from my seat

I’ll keep trying, until death I beat

So put on your seatbelt and find your place

Let’s get started with this great death race!

The Storm Whisperer

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Pitter patter go the raindrops now

Like the turbulent milking of a celestial cow

Thunder grows and lightning strikes

Those around go “Ah!” and “yikes!”

But I am a child of the storm

Chaos for them but for me it’s the norm

I love the sound of the howling gale

Through the sky itself I’d love to sail

I sit wrapped up tight under covers cosy

Marvelling at my little life so rosy 

Whenever the sound of thunder rings true

I do not flinch or run like you

No, instead I do something rather strange

For you see, upon my face my features change

My eyes light up and shine like the Nile

And upon my lips forms a great big smile

The truth, then, if it must be told

I have loved storms since I was one year old

I love the sounds and sights and lightning too

I am a whisperer to storms, that then is true

So when next you see the stormfront rise

You can be very sure I’ll be watching the skies

As thunder and rain hurriedly descend

I will be praying for it to never end!

The Untrainable Muscle

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They say that your body is a temple

Mine is its own religion

I worship my core

And they worship me

My pecs are a canvas upon which I paint

A masterpiece of muscle and meat

It would make Van Gogh faint

And all the critics bleat

My guns are a mighty .50 cal

Shooting down weakness as well

My gluts could hold up mountains

And turn glaciers into fountains 

And all the bros doth say

That my body is so ripped

It tore the whole way

But for all my gains and growth

There is but one muscle that sloweth

My chest which bears a maiden heart

More beautiful than my pectoral work of art

Whenever I present my body so swole

The ladies say take a stroll

They say I’m too large or dumb

It hurts much more than any DOMS

I’ve tried yoga and squats and more

Until their words won’t leave me sore

I will work and work until I’m buff

Emotional strength tough enough

Until then I will max my reps

Until they know of my hidden depths

Soon I’ll have them forming a queue

And I will finally have that protein shake for two!


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What is the worst thing you can steal?

Is it something imaginary or real?

For to take what is not yours

By riffling through my sacred drawers

You seek and grab and spread

I can’t believe you even checked under my bed

You stole away into the dark, drab night

You were soon gone entirely from my sight

I thought I had it locked securely away

Kept safe after fray after fray

But you did not care for locks and chains

You stubbornly took hold of my heart’s reins

And now I have fallen deeply for you

And I can once more imagine what it would be like to be two

So now I sit beside my phone so silent

Waiting for the ringer to turn violent

Until then I’ll put out a wanted page for my thief l’amour

And hope that it will bring you once more to my door


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I have not lived as I directed

I will not die as I expected

My life was short but not sweet

My goals I have not even begun to meet

Regret fills my entire mind

To my fate I wish I was blind

Tears endlessly fill my eyes

And I pray my family will not listen to my cries

I will not see my boy become a man

None of this is according to plan

I will not walk the aisle with my little girl

I will not see her wed, my sweet darling pearl

My wife, my widow I will not see age

At this the most I direct my rage

My friend alone I shall leave

I pretend I see not, tears wiped on his sleeve 

I see their pity and their grief

At this life of mine far too brief

I did not smoke nor drink a drop

Yet that did not slow my life’s sudden stop

This is neither fair nor right

Why was I picked to suffer this blight?

Some say that this is God’s decree

That I should neither wail nor plea

But I say that cruelty is as cruelty be

And very soon He will have to answer to me!

Till Morning Comes

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I lie awake, in the night’s long morn

I will protect you, for I have sworn

Against the night and all its terror

I will be your sword and shield-bearer

During the light you run and play

Safe from the monsters during the day

But come the setting of the sun

Angels flee and good things run

As the dark and dangerous things creep forth

I will show them my strength and prove my worth

For you my dear are worth everything and more

I should know, I’ve been here since you were four

Your tiny hands clutch me tight

Now sleep, my child, and let me fight

Take refuge in dreams while I prepare

Fear not, and trust your teddy bear

My love for you cannot be measured with numbers or sums

So I’ll watch you, till morning comes

Towards My Rest

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Look into my eyes

See the soul of a drowned man

I wade into the tide

Draw me out

Draw me in

I stand amongst the waves

They tower over me

They wash against my feet

A fish amongst the sharks

A shark amongst the fishes

Do I have the courage

To swim?

To float?

To sink?

Or simply to walk forward?

Let the tide draw me in

Let the tide draw me out

Away from the shore

Away from the whore

Away from being poor

Away from the bore

Away from my chore

Away from being sore

Away from more and more

I am a drowned man

But my flesh is dry 

But my soul is not

One step

And then another

The water is warm

The water is warmth 

Drawing me in

Drawing me out

I am the tide

Life took me in

And now I must go out

Towards the depths

Towards my rest

Halfway to freedom 

Sun on my brow

Darkness below my feet

I walk forward

Towards the depths

Towards my rest 

I can taste the salt

I can drink in the sea

Soon I will be free

I go with the tide

Drawing me in

Drawing me out

Water above

Water below

Around me


The world I knew is gone

The worries

The fears

The people

The years 

Below the waves I be

Below the waves I’m free

Yet still I march

Towards the depths

Towards my rest

Like the evening tide

Drawing me in

Drawing me out

Darkness is all I see

Darkness is waiting for me

Breathing is… harder…

Thinking… is… easier

Life… is… hard

Death… is… easy

I… go

Towards… the depths

Towards… my… rest…

Toy Solider

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Talk is cheap but words cost lives 

Towards peace our nation strives

But peace is not won with fancy words

But rather with eggs falling from metal birds

With fire and flame and ammo and tears

We who walk here die before our years

But that does not matter one bit to sarge

Through the enemy’s fire he would have us charge

No more than pawns on the board

Against the enemy we are to be scored

Every drop of blood we spill 

The army would have us foot the bill

But this war shall not ever come to an end

So long as violent thoughts our leaders rend

But I will still stand and fight

I will form part of our nation’s might

And one day I shall attain the peace I crave

Once I am safe and snug inside my grave…

Tumbling Through Darkness

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I am a murderer most foul

For I have slain gravity’s cowl

I tumble through the infinite abyss

Wondering if back on Earth they do miss

This tiny chunk of metallic hope

Sent to deliver a message of scope

Adorning my frame are letters and signs

Along with two humans drawn in lines

So that one day an alien might find

The best place in the galaxy to unwind

Directions are marked and pulsars drawn

So they can come straight to our front lawn

But what if no aliens I meet

Well I do have millennia to practice to greet

Is my fate to tumble through darkness eternal?

Or impact a sun blazing infernal?

No, I shall have hope a while longer

It keeps me warm and makes me stronger

Patience is king and I have time aplenty

Whether I must wait one year or twenty

I shall carry this message of peace and man

Until the day I no longer can

So if you spot me tumbling and turning

Worry not, my engine’s still burning

Under the Bed

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What lies below the covers drawn?

A few old chips and a half-eaten prawn

What sleeps under the bed so high?

A cricket, a moth or maybe a fly

What lurks beneath the sleeping child?

A toy, a ball, no… not something so mild

We all know the truth, do we not?

We know what really lies below the unguarded cot

A monster of teeth, nails and claws

A monster that is right now extending its paws

If even a single pinkie toe crosses its sight

You are guaranteed a merciless fight

Better then not to sleep at all

Lest upon the floor you will fall

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been naughty or good

To the monster you are simply some delicious food

So arm yourself and learn to jump

To fend off that which in the night goes bump

And if you are very lucky and avoid these woes

You might make it to morning with most of your toes!

Unfurl, Yon Wonder

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A speck of green

An ocean of white


Unfurl, yon wonder

Let the flowers bloom!


A carpet of green to mark the path 

A field of red to line the way


Unfurl, yon wonder

Let the springtime come!


Send back the darkness,

And let the light shine forth 


Unfurl, yon wonder

Let the good times come!


Water of life, fall swiftly

Lamb of new birth, arise


Unfurl, yon wonder 

Let the newborns play!


Banish the freezing ice

Bring back the warming air


Unfurl, yon wonder

Let the season begin!


Golden sun, rise freely

Love, laughter, louder and louder


Unfurl, yon wonder

And let the spring begin!


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It matters not how far away you are

Whether right next door or beside our star

You are beyond my reach

And your heart’s wall I cannot breach 

For between us a divide too great

Despite our meeting chaired by fate

I went once to your father stern 

And told him that for you I yearn

He said my class was too low

And that to your bloodline I was a foe

Your hand in mine was not allowed

And at the altar you would not be vowed

I know you said that love was all we need

But you away from your family I will not lead

For your happiness is my greatest desire

And to protect that I would become a liar

So although in my letter I spoke of another lover

Please know that this was but a cowardly cover

We may never again in this life meet

But I will always love you my sweet

And as I walk away from your crying frame

Know that I will not ever forget your name

Vacuum Decay

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One in a million they say

It’ll never see the light of day

What we see is what always will be

It will never be any threat to you and me

But they were wrong, don’t you know

And now at light speed races the universal foe

A bubble of nothingness to consume the stars

It will swallow Earth, Jupiter and Mars

But its appetite shall not be so easily filled

It will not stop until the universe it’s killed

And in that darkness following suit

Life will not ever be able to root

Eternal nothingness will be our fate

Only then will its hunger be sate

So pick up your kids and hug them tight

You cannot outrun this, so don’t even fight

Kiss your lover and hold them close

Love them lots till everything goes

So let us all stand and watch the coming doom

Until the void becomes our eternal tomb


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Have you ever broken a nail?

It’s like, such a fail

Or how about losing your concert ticket 

Why that makes me want to riot and picket

Who cares about wars and such?

I mean, they don’t affect me much

I’m more worried about my favourite spot

And how they’re turning it into a parking lot

I’ve been called vapid and rude

But I was like, chill out dude

You don’t need to worry about every little thing

All ya gotta do is acquire some bling

My teachers call me an uneducated brat

Like all I’ve ever done is on my ass sat

But who the hell cares about history and math?

Mention them again and feel my wrath!

So maybe I don’t always know what’s up

And maybe I have a bad habit of saying “sup”

But this is me and no one more

I may be vapid, but I’m vapid to my core

So listen up you haters and thugs

From me above you’ll receive no hugs

I don’t care if you don’t approve

Out of the way or I’ll make you move!


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The sun rises in the east,

Man has eternal dominion over beast,

There are birds that swim and fish that fly,

And all we see is merely light reflecting in the eye.

Birth to death do we exist,

But only after are we missed.

These truths I tell for all to hear,

So listen closely, open up your ear!

What do you know, what do you see,

Is the world you perceive the same for me?

A truth is no more than an agreed upon thing,

And things can change and morph and sing!

So for now, these truths are right,

But someday soon, new truths we will write.

Perhaps the sun in the west will rise,

Or maybe elephants will soar through the skies!

But can you imagine if death wasn’t the end?

If the laws of life itself we could bend,

If we never had to say goodbye,

If over a lost friend we never had to cry.

Though for now the world is still quite cruel,

But someday someone will change that rule.

Until that time these truths we keep,

Until that time when no more we weep!


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A million likes is my aim

My video, though, is just the same

More inane words for an inane crowd

Who by banal videos are easily wowed

See them like and see them subscribe

They are all a part of the viral tribe

What matters most is not original or good

But instead of whether or not I should

Upload this simply for coin and fame

Or continue to dwell in obscure shame

No! I want to be famous, no matter the cost

Even if my privacy or dignity be lost

My video viral is what I desire

And from it copies and memes I’ll sire

So upload and prepare for the coming storm

Who cares if it’s just one of the swarm? 

My video is special and really cool

I mean, really, it’s just my dog in the pool!

Walk Without Me

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Soon, too soon, you will walk without me.

Soon, too soon, without me you will be.

As I lay here, in this sterile bed,

I ponder what is going through your troubled head.

Are you thinking of all the bills you must pay,

Or perhaps you wonder if I will go this day?

Oh I wish I could hear the eulogy you wrote!

Will you speak about how upon me you did dote?

I wish I could thank you for all the time you have spent,

And finally return the heart that you lent,

For it is my wish that you find another,

Our child is still too young to be without a mother.

There will be many tears to be shed,

After I leave this dull sterile bed.

But one day, all this you will forget,

And a new soulmate shall be met.

You will walk and dance and so much more,

And she will even come to love your snore,

She will raise our child with lots of love,

Fitting into our family like a hand in a glove.

You will all live and laugh and play,

This is all I hope, all I pray.

But please, know naught but this,

All I truly desire is one last kiss.

You have given me far too much,

When all I wanted was your hand to clutch.

And now as I begin to fade away,

What I truly want most is to stay.


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Four walls

All falls

Wife and child

No more they smiled

Gambled and lost

Everything it cost

And now I wander

On my misfortune I ponder

No home

These streets I roam

Searching for heat

Searching for meat

How long since I ate

Regret is far too late

A stranger’s glare

His wrath I ensnare

Vagrant he screams

I’m gone, like my dreams

But wait

Is this fate?

A Samaritan good and kind

He of generous mind

A coin of hope

No more can I cope

I thank him and go

My shame I cannot show

Another day, another night

Wondering if I’m alright

Home is where the heart is

That is what He says

If that is so

Then my life away I did throw

For now I wander

And kindness of strangers I squander

Oh I wonder what lies over yonder

For this poor homeless wanderer…

We are Inevitable

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We are inevitable

We are meant to be

We are inevitable

We are all I can see


But you are not mine to have

But you are not mine to touch

But you are not mine to kiss

But you are not mine to love


I have wandered down so many streets of time

I have pondered on what we need to be

I have travelled back a thousand times

I have failed to make you see


This power of mine to rewrite history

This power of mine to bring me misery

This power of mine to change your mind

This power of mine to bring us to bind


Once we met under the shining stars

Once we met in the downpour pouring

Once we met on a walk spontaneous

Once we met at a candlelit party


But not once have you followed me home

But not once have you kissed me tender

But not once have you whispered my name

But not once have you felt the same


How many times have we spoke?

How many times have we danced?

How many times have we dined?

How many times have we eloped?


It does not matter when

It does not matter where

It does not matter how

It does not matter why


You will be mine

You will want me

You will see me

You will love me


For we are as inevitable as the rising sun

For we are as inevitable as the pouring rain

For we are as inevitable as the march of time

For we are as inevitable as the rising tide


And so to this I devote my life

And so to this I devote my time

And so to this I devote my heart

And so to this I devote my mind


No matter how many tries it takes

No matter how many trips I take

No matter how many times I fail

No matter how many turns I use


I will have you as my own

I will conquer your heart of stone

I will earn a ring from you

I will steal that name of yours


I do not care to know her name

I do not care if you have another

I do not care about your children

I do not care about your lover


We are inevitable

We are meant to be

We are inevitable

We are all I can see

What's in a Name?

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What is in a name?

Does it mean we’re not the same?

I didn’t pick mine, so I’m not to blame

But I’m sure my parents know their shame

Sure, it makes it easier for the bullies to aim

With words and barbs my soul they maim

So much so I want to return from whence I came

And hopefully a new moniker claim

At the very least, choose something that means “flame”

I mean, did they think this was some kind of game

With an alias like this, I’ll never find fame

Why this stupid label I will never tame

Oh why couldn’t I have been born a duke instead of a dame?

At the very least, make it fit my frame

Because no matter what you say, Aliviyah is the definition of lame!

Whirling Dervish

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Gather your thoughts

Your fears

Your worries

Your doubts

Let them infuse you

Let them cover you

Let them anchor you

Now let your feet sway

Slowly at first 

Then faster

Turn a little

A little more

Reach where you began

Now spin




Feel your thoughts spin out

Towards the edge of reason

Towards the edge of your mind

Let them drift



Not too close

Not too far

A tenuous hold

Now spin




Let go

Let go of it all

Feel the world whirl 

Feel the world shift

Feel the world spin

Now spin




Spin with the world

Spin with the sun

Spin with the cosmos

The world will keep on spinning

The sun will keep on turning

The cosmos will keep on shining

But your worries will end

Your fears will end

Your doubts will end

But you will not

Now spin




Now whirl




Now live




Don’t stop

Don’t waver

Don’t wonder

Your life is yours

Your dream is yours

Your choice is yours

Now spin!


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The sky has always called me

Only up there shall I finally be free

To dip and dive and fly all over

From the Tasmanian reef to the White Cliffs of Dover

I want to be an eagle soaring

Cause staying on land is rather boring

And now I sit behind the stick

Hoping that this won’t be too quick

For years I’ve wanted to fly a plane

And now here I am, ready to train

It will be hard and take a while

But I want those silver wings to be my style

Sure, I might have the tiniest fear

That I might forget to check the gear 

But my love shall overcome any such things

I will persevere, until I earn my wings!

World of Wonder

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Stop what you are doing

Look around 

Look again

What do you see?

The same old landscape

The same old people

The same old world


Look to the horizon

Look beyond it

See what lies beyond the boundaries of your world

We live in a world of wonder

A world where pyramids tower above the dunes

Where an angel falls to the welcoming earth below

A table mountain for the gods to picnic, complete with a gossamer white tablecloth

A Son of God watching over the city of dance

An ancient wall dividing the old world from the new

An arena of blood and triumph, still standing tall

A place of worship, bedecked with white marble and stone

I live in a world of wonder

Do you?

Will you break your boundaries?

Will you walk beyond the horizon?

Will you seek out the world’s wonders?


Walk with me

To a world beyond belief

To a world beyond beauty

To a world beyond boundaries

Live with me, in a world of wonder

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