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Plans for the future (Global Domination)

So, after successfully publishing ten books, what's next?

Well, let me share with you my grand plan for global domination...

Just kidding, I'd be happy with a handful of readers and a million dollars.

For now, I'll keep going as I have for the last ten years (time sure flies when you're creating entire worlds). I have multiple sequels in the pipeline and a couple of standalone titles in the works. All of these will be 100% FREE.

However, a man cannot write on good will alone. Currently, I'm working a full-time job which allows me to both write and avoid starvation. The problem is that my job can be quite energy and time intensive, leaving me with little of either for writing.

My goal, then, is to reduce my work hours and increase the amount of time available for writing. This will allow me to write more often, publish more often and hopefully improve my writing ability.

To that end, I will eventually start charging money for the books that I publish.

The plan is to start charging only after I've finished writing the entirety of The Chronicles of New Eden, which is planned to span seven novels. As I have only just started writing book 3, this gives a decent amount of time before things change.

Even after I start charging money, worry not, for it will only apply to future works. Everything that I've written before that moment will remain free, forever.

Thinking ahead a bit further, I would ultimately like to write full-time, perhaps even hiring an editor, publicist, cover artist and website designer in order to allow me to focus solely on writing.

But that is then, and we must look to the now. Back in the present, I will continue to work hard in order to share my stories with the world.

Thank you for your time.

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