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Website Updates!

For those of you who've been here before, you might be noticing a few changes. I’ve spent the past few weeks working with my good friend Michael (the same one from the dedications) on updating and upgrading my website, and now it’s finally ready!

The following changes have been made:

+ Added 120 story ideas, categorized by genre

+ Added 160 poems, categorized alphabetically

+ Added search bar

+ Redesigned “Blog”

+ Redesigned “Books” page to more clearly separate entries

+ Added new questions and answers to “FAQ”

+ Altered font styles and sizes to ensure consistency throughout the site

+ Redesigned mobile menu

+ Miscellaneous improvements to mobile site to improve user experience

+Redesigned "Galleries" and split it into "Covers" for book covers and their variants and "Sketches" for hand-drawn doodles

- Removed splash page

In the future I plan to add a review/rating system to the story ideas and poems so that you can show me which ones you love most!


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